BMW Group and Vodafone confederate 5G and personal eSIM networking into a car for a initial time.

Munich / Düsseldorf. With a BMW iX, a BMW Group
is a initial reward manufacturer to confederate a 5G mobile radio
customary into a globally accessible prolongation automobile and Vodafone is
charity a initial 5G mobile radio agreement for such a vehicle.

An existent multi-SIM agreement can be extended with a Vodafone
One Number Car choice to activate a Personal eSIM in a vehicle.
This creates a automobile another companion device for customers,
like a smartwatch. In further to a high bandwidth and low latency
of 5G, they also advantage from significantly softened telephone
quality* by a use of 4 outmost aerials and a 5G WiFi hotspot*
for adult to 10 inclination in a vehicle. The activated Personal eSIM is
related directly to a customer’s BMW ID and can be smoothly
eliminated to other eSIM-capable vehicles, including the
analogous functions.

Mobility is entering a 5G epoch for a first
The new 5G mobile radio customary will
significantly boost a information delivery options compared to the
prior standard. This will emanate new, data-based applications and
boost a peculiarity of existent applications many times over. For
mobility, this means a extensive prolongation of data-based services
in a fields of party and infotainment, programmed and
assisted pushing and, above all, highway safety. The 5G customary is a
wilful accelerator for destiny innovations in mobility and other
fields of application.

Vodafone and a BMW Group use Personal eSIM and Vodafone One Number
Car to bond a automobile and a patron with mobile radio formed on
5G for a initial time. The automobile becomes an integrated partial of the
networked ecosystem of a customer.

Personal eSIM, genuine ‘Dual-SIM-Dual-Active’ and WLAN
The BMW iX is a record flagship of a BMW
Group and represents a genuine universe initial in networking. 5G and eSIM are
being used in a prolongation automobile here for a initial time.
further to a customary integrated automobile eSIM, an additional
Personal eSIM will be integrated, as formerly informed from smart
inclination such as tablets or smartwatches. The mobile phone technology
commissioned in a automobile enables both eSIMs to be active with 5G
concurrently with a full operation of services (Dual-SIM-Dual-Active).
The BMW iX multi-aerial system, specifically grown for 5G, routes the
radio vigilance from a performance-optimised multi-band aerials
directly to a vehicle’s infotainment complement around a Gigabit Ethernet
connection. In future, all passengers will advantage from a improved
tie peculiarity and increasing information throughput, since a WLAN
hotspot* can be activated in a automobile around a Personal eSIM,
permitting adult to 10 finish inclination to roller or tide during 5G speed. At the
same time, it is no longer required to book an additional use or
a apart mobile phone rate for a automobile for a hotspot.

“BMW has always been a colonize in a networking of mobility. We
already commissioned a initial SIM label in a automobile behind in 1997. With
a 5G Personal eSIM, we are now integrating a totally new spin of
connectivity for a business in a automobile in team-work with
Vodafone.” says Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President of Connected
Company Development and Operations BMW Group

Vodafone introduces a initial 5G mobile radio agreement for
Vodafone is introducing a initial smartphone rate
for a car. To be means to use all advantages such as a 5G-optimised
connection, softened tie peculiarity and a use of digital
services with a high-speed tie in a car, no additional
agreement needs to be concluded. When a BMW iX is accessible on the
market, Vodafone business can extend their mobile phone agreement with
a Vodafone One Number Car choice to embody a BMW iX and later
other enabled BMW models for usually 5 euros per month.

“Together with BMW, we are bringing a initial 5G automobile on a road. The
multi-aerial complement integrates quick network and digital services even
improved into a vehicle. For a patron in a car, this means even
aloft mobile phone quality, fewer irritating phone call interruptions
and some-more digital accumulation to make even improved use of a driving
time,” says Michael Reinartz, Head of Innovations during Vodafone Germany.

The engagement can be simply started in a automobile and a patron is
guided step-by-step by a My BMW App or a My Vodafone App to the
finish of a contract. When we book a rate option, a eSIM is
activated for a automobile for a one-time price of 10 euros. After that,
Vodafone One Number Car costs € 5 a month. There is no permanent
joining for a customer. The rate choice can be cancelled on a
monthly basis. Families can so e.g. book a digital services at
brief notice for a subsequent holiday outing by car. The mobile phone rate
for cars will also be accessible in other BMW models subsequent year. In
further to a BMW iX, a BMW i4 will also be 5G able and have
a Personal eSIM functions.

Personal eSIM can be eliminated to other enabled
Once a Personal eSIM has been activated via
Vodafone with a Vodafone One Number Car rate, a information is not only
stored in a vehicle, though also with a BMW ID. Customers can thus
send a settings of a Personal eSIM to other enabled vehicles
by activating a BMW ID. Activation of a Personal eSIM is carried
out automatically with login with a BMW ID and is immediately
available. Customers so spin each 5G-capable BMW (rental or loan
vehicle) into their connected device.

* The write and WiFi hotspot duty will presumably be
accessible by a finish of 2021