BMW Group and Great Wall Motor pointer corner try agreement for MINI electric vehicles in China

Munich. The BMW Group and a Chinese manufacturer
Great Wall Motor currently sealed an agreement to furnish MINI electric
vehicles by a new 50:50 corner try formed in China. During an
eventuality for unconstrained and connected pushing attended by China’s Premier
Li Keqiang and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, a BMW
Group and Great Wall Motor committed to found a new corner venture,
“Spotlight Automotive Limited”, for a enlargement and prolongation of
electric vehicles in China. As good as MINI electric vehicles, the
corner try will also furnish electric vehicles for Great Wall
Motor. The investiture of a new association is theme to approval
from a applicable Chinese authorities and a execution of business
registration procedures. The corner try will be located in Jiangsu
Province, where both partners will together emanate a new
state-of-the-art prolongation facility.


The prolongation of destiny battery-electric MINI vehicles in China, the
world’s largest marketplace for electromobility, is a pivotal component of MINI’s
continued vital enlargement within a BMW Group’s Strategy NUMBER
ONE NEXT. Today’s pierce follows a “letter of intent” sealed with
Great Wall Motor on 23 Feb 2018. It is another poignant step
towards a electrified destiny of a MINI brand, entrance in addition
to start-of-production subsequent year of a initial battery electric MINI at
a brand’s categorical plant in Oxford.


“Today’s signing represents a new turn of team-work between China
and Germany,” pronounced Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management
of BMW AG, during a signing ceremony. “This vital partnership is
a transparent win-win for a BMW Group and Great Wall Motor, enabling us to
minister to China’s desirous skeleton to ramp-up new appetite vehicles
and revoke emissions in a mobility sector,” elaborated Krüger.


The corner try agreement was sealed by Wei Jianjun, Founder and
Chairman of Great Wall Motor, and Klaus Fröhlich, Member of Board of
Management BMW AG for Development. “The strengths and imagination of
both companies element any other well,” pronounced Fröhlich. “Our
knowledge as a colonize and personality in a margin of electrification,
joined with Great Wall Motor’s proven track-record in efficient
industrialisation, enables us together to expostulate a enlargement of the
largest e-mobility marketplace in a world,” Fröhlich continued. “With our
corner approach, we can fast scale adult prolongation and increase
potency in a rarely rival shred of compress electric vehicles.”


“Today’s signing opens a new section in Sino-German cooperation,”
settled Wei Jianjun. “Great Wall Motor and a BMW Group share a
joining to foster new appetite vehicles. With a total strength
of both partners, a new corner try will accelerate a uptake of
electric vehicles,” Wei continued.


The BMW Group is resolutely committed to stability a successful
team-work with a determined sales structure and channels in China
and has no skeleton to set adult an additional sales organization in China
for destiny MINI electric vehicles from this corner venture. The joint
venture’s activities will concentration on a development, buying and
prolongation of electric vehicles for a Chinese market.


As announced yesterday, a BMW Group will also serve enhance its
rarely successful BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) corner try in
China with a partner, Brilliance. In new years, BBA has turn a
cornerstone of a BMW brand’s success in a largest market. Around
560,000 BMW code vehicles were delivered to business in China in
2017 – some-more than in a subsequent dual largest markets, a US and Germany,
combined. Two-thirds of all BMW vehicles sole in China final year were
constructed by BBA. In 2017, China was MINI’s fourth-largest market, with
around 35,000 units delivered. This underlines a brand’s additional
tellurian potential, that will now be significantly upheld through
a corner try with Great Wall Motor.


The successful plan behind a stability enlargement of a BMW
Group’s tellurian prolongation network obeys a transparent rule: production
follows a market. This means that augmenting prolongation in our
largest markets does not lead to a analogous diminution in
prolongation in other plants, though rather a reverse. For example,
nonetheless BMW prolongation in China and a USA increasing significantly
between 2007 and 2017, prolongation in Germany during that time also
grew by roughly a quarter, to around 1.15 million vehicles a year. A
identical enlargement plan could therefore accelerate enlargement of
a MINI code significantly, but doubt a BMW Group’s
joining in a UK, where a association has done poignant investments.



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