BMW Connected adds new, digital services.

Munich/Chicago. At a start of 2017, BMW used its
recently launched 5 Series and BMW Connected Onboard – that done its
entrance in a new indication – to showcase a intensity unbarred by digital
services in a area of personalisation. It represented a vital step
towards a idea of an altogether digital patron profile, providing a
personalised mobility knowledge that not usually works in a customer’s
possess BMW, though also in other models from a brand. This is an important
connectivity idea for a BMW Group. Building on this, a association is
introducing a new epoch of rarely personalised services during the
Innovation Days 2017 eventuality in a form of BMW Connected+.

BMW Connected+ provides a digital overpass between smartphones and
vehicles. It delivers a subsequent turn of in-car personalisation and
smartphone calm formation on a Control Display. This makes
arrangement and operation in a automobile easier than ever. At a same
time, new services are being introduced that assist particular mobility
formulation and assistance users find their approach in an ever-more formidable world.
For a BMW Group, personalisation is a pivotal to unequivocally staying in
balance with a needs of business and aiding smartphone usage, both
inside and outward a vehicle.


The new services from BMW Connected+.
BMW Connected and ConnectedDrive service
formation has been grown with a BMW driver’s needs in mind.
People wish to be prolific during their journey, generally business
customers. To this end, BMW Connected’s digital services and
capability facilities assistance drivers to be as fit as probable with
their daily routines – inside and outward a automobile – so they can spend
some-more time enjoying life.

Send my Routes to Car: Route formulation regulating a smartphone is now
easier than ever. After a finish is entered, BMW Connected+
checks either a automobile has adequate fuel for a journey. If not,
BMW Connected+ suggests a suitable fuel stop along a way, that the
user can simply supplement to their route. The track can afterwards be transferred
directly to a vehicle. Once in a vehicle, a scheduled stops are
displayed and a track can be instituted with a singular click.

Share Live Trip Status: With this new feature, a doubt “What’s
your ETA” is now a thing of a past. Current plcae and time of
attainment can be common by a motorist with business partners, friends or
family. The motorist can send a couple around SMS to a people comparison via
Share Live Trip Status during a start of a tour or if there are
delays en route. Using this couple will arrangement a user’s current
position on a map, along with a attainment time formed on real-time
trade data. The large advantage here is that everybody is kept adult to
date automatically, permitting a motorist to stay focused on arriving
safely. There is even an choice for those watchful to accept further
SMS updates if there are any changes to a attainment time.

Navigate Door-to-Door: Finding a parking place during a finish of a
tour does not always meant nearing during a final destination.
Navigate Door-to-Door is a underline designed to beam users on the
final leg of their tour (Last Mile) and behind to their automobile when they
are prepared (First Mile). Once a automobile is parked, a motorist will
accept a summary on a car’s arrangement confirming that their
smartphone is now prepared to yield directions to continue on foot. At
a same time, BMW Connected+ sends a pull presentation to a user’s
smartphone to trigger navigation on foot.

If a motorist has appointments after in a day, a “Time to Leave
Notification” duty informed from BMW Connected can let them know
a ideal time to set off in sequence to arrive punctually. This takes
into comment a time indispensable to travel to a BMW and can display
navigation information on a smartphone or smartwatch.

My Destinations: This underline provides fast entrance from any
connected device to both hit information in a user’s address
book and a many recently visited finish stored in the
navigation system. This intelligent finish hunt duty is
related with a user’s contacts, so selecting a subsequent finish is
as elementary as entering someone’s name and selecting a compared address.

Thanks to BMW Connected Onboard, BMW Connected+ transforms a user’s
automobile into a personalised control centre for digital mobility. Once
a driver’s smartphone has seamlessly connected to a car, they can
entrance comparison facilities around a car’s executive display.