BMW Brilliance Automotive serve expands prolongation ability in China

Munich/Shenyang. BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA)
now non-stop a newly-built north territory of a automotive plant in
Dadong/Shenyang, China. The initial long-wheelbase chronicle of a new
BMW 5 Series Sedan rolled off a prolongation line during a opening
ceremony. The northern prolongation comprises all prolongation areas of a
full plant and boasts a highly-advanced prolongation complement with the
latest sustainability standards. With a dual prolongation locations in
Dadong and Tiexi, BBA will have a sum annual ability of adult to
450,000 units.


“The Dadong plant demonstrates a success of a corner try and
a BMW 5 Series in China. The prolongation of a northern section
underlines a transparent joining to a Chinese market. BBA has
invested a sum of one billion euros in a enlargement of a Dadong
prolongation plcae over a past 3 years. The locally-produced
BMW 5 Series has been an pure success: It was a top-selling
car in a reward shred in China in 2016 and we design it to
sojourn a personality in a segment,” remarked Dr. Nicolas Peter, member
of a Board of Management of BMW AG obliged for Finance, during the
opening rite in China.


“Our prolongation in China is good prepared for serve marketplace growth.
The new north territory is a outcome of a latest technologies and
extensive believe of a BMW prolongation system,” sum Oliver
Zipse, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for
Production. “We will continue to deposit in a rarely innovative
prolongation sites in China. Our subsequent plan is already underway: the
remodelling of a southern territory of Plant Dadong. Once finished, it
will give us even larger coherence and some-more intensity for growth.”


The opening rite was attended by Dr. Nicolas Peter, member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance; Oliver Zipse, member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG, Production; Olaf Kastner, President and
CEO BMW Group Region China; Yumin Qi, Chairman, Brilliance Automotive
Group Holdings Co., Ltd.; Xiaoan Wu, Chairman, BMW Brilliance
Automotive Ltd.; Dr. Johann Wieland, President and CEO BMW Brilliance
Automotive, China, and internal supervision representatives.


Highly-advanced record and new sustainability standards

The large-scale enlargement of BBA Plant Dadong involves all key
technologies – including press plant, physique shop, paint emporium and
public – and utilises highly-advanced apparatus and a latest in
routine digitalisation. Using 3D mechanism simulation, for example, the
direct-drive servo press commissioned in a press plant can process
aluminum to an intensely high peculiarity standard. Optical laser scanners
afterwards magnitude a physique and determine peculiarity in a matter of seconds.


Another instance of Industry 4.0 applications can be found in the
networked prolongation system: regulating a car marker number,
a particular components, operations and machines of each BMW 5
Series built in Dadong can be traced. This internet-of-things
architecture, sum with programmed information analysis, formula in
larger clarity and aloft peculiarity overall. New machines,
processes and products can also be integrated faster into ongoing production.


To revoke a bid for prolongation employees, BBA is using
innovative exoskeletons ragged directly on a body. Like a second
skeleton, this structure provides outmost support for a physique and
reduces a bid compulsory for physically perfectionist tasks. Mobile
intelligent inclination such as tablets yield employees with precisely the
information they need.


A holistic approach, innovative technologies and highly-advanced
processes have enabled generally tolerable and
environmentally-friendly prolongation in a new territory of a plant.
Most notably, a paint emporium uses 60% rebate appetite and H2O than it
did 10 years ago. Wastewater has also been reduced by 50% and
flighty organic compounds by no rebate than 80%. The direct-drive servo
press also helps a plant accommodate a sustainability targets. It uses
44% rebate appetite than a hydraulic press, with a sound rebate of 12 decibels.

Overall, a new northern territory will use 30% rebate appetite compared
with a prolongation of a prior BMW 5 Series.


BBA President Dr. Johann Wieland emphasized, “BMW Brilliance is
recognized as one of a many idealist and successful reward auto
makers in China. We are a heading employer, a vital writer to the
internal economy and a arguable corporate partner.”


The Shenyang prolongation location

The Shenyang location, that comprises a Tiexi and Dadong
automotive plants and a engine plant including light-metal foundry,
plays an critical purpose in a BMW Group’s tellurian prolongation network.
It contributes to a plan of globally offset growth, which
includes installing prolongation ability in a particular informal markets.


BBA’s dual automotive plants, Tiexi and Dadong, already furnish five
BMW models. With a enlargement of a northern section, a Dadong
plant will also have room for a sixth model, a new BMW X3.


BBA prolongation in Shenyang builds vehicles exclusively for the
Chinese market. The Dadong plant in a northeast of a city started
prolongation in 2004 and produces now a BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase
Version. The Tiexi plant in a west of Shenyang went on-stream in
2012 and builds a BMW X1 Long-Wheelbase Version (including a
plugin-hybrid version), a BMW 1 Series Sedan, a BMW 2 Series
Tourer, a BMW 3 Series Long-Wheelbase Version and a BMW 3 Series Sedan.

A pivotal member of a Shenyang plcae is a engine plant with
light-metal foundry – a BMW Group’s usually engine prolongation facility
outward Europe. The engine plant reserve a dual car production
sites in Dadong and Tiexi with expostulate units for locally-produced BMW
automobiles. A new high-voltage battery centre, that will assemble
high-voltage batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles, is now underneath construction.


China – a largest BMW Group marketplace

In a initial 4 months of 2017, China remained a largest single
marketplace for a BMW Group, with a sum of 191,697 vehicles sole (+18.2
%). Following a marketplace launch of a BMW 1 Series Sedan, a ramp-up
of a new BMW 5 Series Long-Wheelbase Version promises to generate
serve sales movement in a second half of a year. 2016 was the
initial time ever some-more than half a million BMWs and MINIs were sole in a
singular year in China (516,355 units, +11.3 %). The BMW Group Chinese
sales network comprises some-more than 470 dealerships.


The BMW Brilliance Automotive corner venture

The BMW Brilliance Automotive corner try was founded in 2003 and
encompasses prolongation and sales of BMW automobiles in China, as well
as internal growth tasks. The corner try employs some-more than 16,000
people, while a retailer network comprises around 350 internal suppliers.


In 2014, a BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings
Limited extended a agreement for their Chinese corner try early –
4 years before a stream agreement lapsed – so laying the
substructure to lower serve this successful cooperation. The extended
agreement is current for 10 years (from 2018 to 2028).


Current print element from a opening of a Dadong plant can be
found during



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The BMW Group


With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
As a tellurian company, a BMW Group operates 31 prolongation and assembly
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In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
145,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation was approximately
€ 9.67 billion on revenues amounting to € 94.16 billion. As of 31
Dec 2016, a BMW Group had a workforce of 124,729 employees.


The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.