BMW ART MAKERS. New BMW Group France humanities clientele module to support artist-curator twin heading to a execution of a visible art project.

Paris. After twenty smashing years spent supporting
photographers and 10 years of a BMW Residency, BMW Group France is
now reorienting a support for a humanities and reinventing a model.
While a new module continues to concentration on rising work,
investigation and image-making, a scheme’s range has been
broadened to embody all visible arts, with a grant offering to an
artist-curator twin and a bill accessible for researching and
producing works.

The human-machine relationship, creativity and innovation, support
and joining are all pivotal BMW Group values. Support is clear in the
enthusiast company’s tighten partnership with a artists. It works with
them during any step of a way, respects their vision, enables them to
take confidant steps, and provides them with a component and financial
resources compulsory to finish their project. Commitment is reflected
in a faith that impasse in informative clientele a self-evident
step, given it triggers an romantic review with a society.
Everything creates clarity in this light. A people-focused proceed is a
pivotal component of a vision.The leisure to emanate is equally critical to
artists and BMW as a engineer of disruptive innovations for
tolerable and obliged mobility.

BMW ART MAKERS: a module ancillary initial and visual
art to see differently.
“In a universe full of
uncertainty, BMW ART MAKERS represents an event for emerging
talent in a visible humanities world. The module encourages artists to
take an choice viewpoint on a vital issues confronting a modern
universe and on pivotal governmental challenges. They are given finish freedom
to rise this viewpoint by investigation and execution of
a multi-dimensional visible humanities project”, comments Vincent
Salimon, CEO of BMW Group France.

For 10 years, a BMW Residency, underneath a conspicuous and demanding
artistic instruction of François Cheval, has accompanied laureates who
questioned a new practices related to a story of photography at
a Nicéphore Niépce Museum, and afterwards new techniques and the
attribute to a picture during GOBELINS.

Today, BMW Group France is now seeking to residence a profound
governmental change now holding place. The BMW ART MAKERS new program
supports projects that radically engage producing images, though also
entail scrutiny of all contemporary image-making measure and
formats (photography, film, video and computer-generated, virtual,
digital images and their display to audiences), selecting and
researching media, facsimile techniques, and distribution networks.

BMW ART MAKERS: a grant and prolongation bill for an
artist-curator twin seeking to finish a corner artistic
Since dual smarts are improved than one, BMW ART
MAKERS is seeking to move together and support an rising visual
artist and a curator by a calls for applications for that the
dual parties contingency request jointly. This partnership draws on a strength
of a strong, like-minded twin to beget a trust and competitive
suggestion compulsory for completing a vital plan from a initial idea
to a finish work. The curator is usually as critical as a artist in
terms of implementing an artistic plan and ensuring a concrete
square of work formula from it.

This is a initial time that a module of this scale offer a curator
support by a visible humanities plan grant alongside an artist.
S/he will perform a purpose of artistic director, scenographer and
designer, ensuring that a plan is finished to a artistic
standards, time support and bill specified in a call for applications.

BMW ART MAKERS: singular mentoring sustenance from jury
Since large ideas need copiousness of support to get
off a ground, members of a plan preference jury will also act as
mentors during a artistic process. BMW Group France would like to
unequivocally appreciate these vital total in a art universe for accepting
this purpose so enthusiastically and ensuring that a plan and work
accommodate a top standards.

The BMW ART MAKERS jury consists of:

  • Maryse Bataillard, Head of Cultural Patronage during BMW France
  • Léa Bismuth, curator and art critic
  • Florence Bourgeois, Director of Paris Photo
  • Hervé Digne, collector
  • Nathalie Mamane Cohen, collector
  • Chantal Nedjib, photography picture consultant
  • Jérôme Poggi, Galerie Jérôme Poggi
  • Christoph Wiesner, Director of Rencontres d’Arles

BMW ART MAKERS: financial and material
And given large ideas need to be saved and given
petrify expression, BMW Group France is offering:

  • a €10,000 grant for a artist
  • an €8,000 grant for a curator
  • a €15,000 bill for researching and producing worksproduction of
    a personal muster enclosed in a module for Rencontres d’Arles
    and Paris Photo
  • mentoring from jury members
  • support with communications


thinking, creating, and many importantly… creation things
Research and investigation are usually the
starting points of a artistic project. Once completed, BMW Group
France will foster a plan by vital general arts
events including a Rencontres d’Arles and Paris Photo.

Responding to a call for applications.
can contention their applications between October 8 and December
15, 2021
by a dedicated height
Further information is accessible on
Nominated duos will be contacted in early Jan to benefaction their
plan to a jury and a winning twin will be announced mid-January 2022.

BMW Group and art.
Over a past 50 years, BMW
Group has proven a joining to culture, using a full gamut
from Frank Stella to Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, and many recently,
a rising artists of a BMW Residency. All these years have been
spent compelling a uninformed artistic viewpoint and enlivening myriad
combinations of opposite techniques, either in contemporary art,
music, architecture, pattern or photography, that BMW France has been
enthusiast given 2003. This has led to a execution of approximately one
hundred projects via a world.


For serve questions greatfully contact:
Prof. Dr
Thomas Girst
BMW Group Corporate and Governmental Affairs

Head of Cultural Engagement
Telephone: +49 89 382
Email: [email protected] 

Maryse Bataillard
BMW Group France
Head of Corporate
Communications and Public Relations
Telephone: +33 (0)1 30 03 19
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Maud Prangey
Press officer
Telephone: +33 (0)6 63 40 54
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