BMW Art & Culture is job for applications for a BMW Residency dedicated to Photography, during GOBELINS, a School of Visual Arts Paris.

Paris. After 6 years of partnership with the
Nicéphore Nièpce Museum, and as a BMW Group only distinguished his 100
years, BMW Group France confirms a new instruction of a 2018
Residency by a partnership with GOBELINS, a School of Visual
Arts in Paris, for a second uninterrupted year.

For this new edition, BMW, that has always fostered a pioneering
spirit, is some-more than ever putting a importance on experimentation.
This is given GOBELINS was a healthy choice for BMW; a dual companies
pity a same values of value and innovation.

The innovative pedagogy and experiments of a school, the
delivery between experts, laureates and students ideally reflect
a law voiced by BMW for a years to come. BMW defends the
values of aesthetics and technological innovation. The vehicle code has
comparison to accompany photography as an strange and specific medium, a
initial invention of modernity as good as a automobile. BMW
expresses a support for photography around an rare and
desirous informative partnership instituted in 2011. Unprecedented,
given it tends to introduce new keys of bargain a interaction
between art and record and their impact on male and society.
Ambitious, given it favors artistic and technological
experimentations and innovations.

The call for applications for a subsequent BMW Residency
is accessible on BMW and GOBELINS websites.

The projects presented by a field for a BMW
Residency will have to concentration on origination and investigation to
offer a uninformed prophesy of a universe in motion, by all means: technical,
narrative, documentary, humorous…


The Artistic Director’s contribution

François Cheval will be a artistic executive for a BMW Residency
during GOBELINS.

He will be concerned in a preselection of applications and will
contention this preference to a Jury. He will support a laureate in
his/her researches and artistic project, hoop a production, curate
a exhibitions and write a display texts. Communication et
family publiques


The BMW support for a Residency

Funding and resources

– The artist will accept a extend of 6,000€ and accommodation in
Paris, if required for a 3 months in Residency during Gobelins.
This support will liberated him/her of any element constraints throughout
a Residency duration to be means to combine on a photographic
plan with a support of a School, a recommendation of a artistic
executive and BMW support.

– A preference of images constructed during a Residency will be
exhibited during a Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles and during the
Paris Photo Fair. BMW is partnering both of these vital events, for 9
years and 15 years respectively.

– The work constructed in Residency will be published in a book with
éditions Trocadéro.

– The works constructed during a BMW Residency, sealed and serially
numbered, will be divided into 3 batches:

o The initial collection will be exhibited and afterwards returned to a artist.

o The second collection will be finished adult of dual images for GOBELINS,
including one comparison for communication purposes.

o The third batch, a preference of works comparison jointly by a artist
and BMW France, will go to BMW France in sell for a patronage.


The BMW Residency during GOBELINS

The BMW Residency is remaining loyal to a elemental principle:
continual support for a winner, from a origination and prolongation of
works to a book of a book published by éditions Trocadéro.

To these running beliefs is combined a residency’s team
grant that puts all a imagination behind this photographic
project, formulating interactions between a winner, and a GOBELINS
educational staff and students.

A third-year tyro will act as detailed partner to the
winner. This will be a really rewarding believe for a student. The
tyro will work alongside a artist, and advantage from a recommendation of
François Cheval, a artistic executive of a Residency.

GOBELINS will also yield a photography group of students, who will
minister to encourage a BMW Residency on a amicable networks,
by arranging meetings as good as producing photos and videos.
This group will encourage interactions with a school’s other students in
and with BMW, a leader and GOBELINS.

Applications files must be stoical of a biography, a
record presenting a ubiquitous proceed of a artist, a array of
finished works as good as a note of vigilant on a artistic project.
Ten photographers will be comparison in a preselection.

They will be asked to make themselves accessible for half a day for an
talk with a jury and benefaction detailed prints and work done.

The files will be transmitted digitally:
[email protected] until Apr 4th, 2018.

The jury will accommodate in May for an proclamation of a leader in June.
Shooting should be finished by a finish of December, and prolongation before
Mar 1st, 2019.

The call for applications and a manners and regulations can be
from a websites:

BMW Group France:

GOBELINS, a propagandize of image:
Communication et family publiques


The initial 6 winners

The BMW Residency has drawn a work of a initial winners to the
courtesy of photography professionals as good as origination it famous to
a wider public.

In 2011, Alexandra Catière was
a initial year’s winner. This immature artist from Belarus stood out for
her sensitvity, for her intelligence, and for her works blending
together both exemplary and fashionable techniques.

Book co-produced by BMW Art Culture and éditions Trocadéro. BMW
Residency Collection, Alexandra Catiere 2011.

In 2012, BMW upheld Marion
, a immature French photographer, in her personal
attempts on a tellurian figure and a several masks. Her photography
captures a impulse when a form of a facade breaks down, or when the
face, disembodied, empties.

Book co-produced by BMW Art Culture and éditions Trocadéro. BMW
Residency Collection, Marion Gronier 2012.

In 2013, a twin Mazaccio
, captivated a really far-reaching public with a “Wild
Style” project, doubt a imagery of wildness in mass culture.

Book co-produced by BMW Art Culture and éditions Trocadéro. BMW
Residency Collection, Mazaccio Drowilal 2013.

In 2014, Natasha Caruana, a young
British artist, clinging her time in a Residency in seeking a truth
of “love during initial sight”. She took her impulse from her
possess life and drew on renouned misconceptions and systematic surveys to get
closer, by photography, to a law of this materialisation that will
always be inexplicable.

Book co-produced by BMW Art Culture and éditions Trocadéro. BMW
Residency Collection, Natasha Caruana 2014.

In 2015, Alinka Echeverría, with
her “Fieldnotes for Nicephora” project, examined the
historic, technical and pensive links between photography and
ceramics. Her plan took us into a museum’s archives.

Book co-produced by BMW Art Culture and éditions Trocadéro. BMW
Residency Collection, Alinka Echeverria 2015.

In 2016, Dune Varela, in
“Always a sun” plan for a BMW Residence questioned
a opposite forms of detailed illustration by various
temporalities. She reflects on a alteration and infirmity of
photography as a medium, and a formation into a picture produced
by a routine of disappearance.

Book co-published by BMW Art Culture and Trocadéro editions.
BMW Residence Collection, Dune Varela 2017.

In 2017, Baptiste Rabichon
currently in residency during Gobelins, School of Visual Arts


BMW France and Photography

Dare to create, brave to innovate has always been in a genes of BMW.
Since 2003, BMW France has upheld photography, unchanging with its
core business of innovation, aesthetics and pushing pleasure. This
joining initial came to delight alongside Paris Photo in a BMW –
Paris Photo Award. Awarded for 8 years, this esteem has turn an
general anxiety holding honour in a work of artists presented
by galleries and contributing to a renovation of a photographic
language. BMW has been a partner of Paris Photo given afterwards and has
now turn an central partner. It continued with a Rencontres
d’Arles, of that BMW has been a partner for 9 years. This
joining was reinforced in 2011, with a environment adult of a BMW
Residency. Communication et family publiques


BMW Group sponsors arts

BMW supports some-more than 100 informative projects worldwide, in complicated and
contemporary art, jazz and exemplary music, as good as in architecture
and design, so contributing to a distribution of believe and
a arts. In any of a partnerships, BMW Group guarantees artists
extensive freedom, as it is as essential to a success of innovative
artistic work as to a presentation of vital innovations in a successful
company. The story began in 1972, when 3 really vast paintings
“Rot”, “Gelb” and “Blau” were systematic to
a artist Gerhard Richter for a domicile of a BMW Group in
Munich. During this period, BMW introduced with Hervé Poulain the
collection of BMW Art Cars, finished by complicated and contemporary artists of
general renown, such as Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy
Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Olafur Eliasson or Jeff Koons. At a end
of 2016, John Baldessari’s 19th BMW Art Car was presented during Art Basel
Miami Beach and placed 8th in a GTLM sequence during a 24 Hours
of Daytona (USA). In 2017, a BMW Art Car, destined by Chinese
multimedia artist Cao Fei, was shown in Beijing and raced in November
during a 24 Hours of Macao. BMW supports museums and awards, such as the
Munich Academy of Fine Arts, a Goethe-Institut, a “Premio de
Pintura” in Spain, a Berlin Biennial, a Tate Modern in
London, where BMW has combined a “BMW Tate Live” “. In
addition, partnerships with general fairs have strong in
new years: alongside a abc (Berlin art contemporary), Gallery
Weekend Berlin and a Berlin Biennial, BMW cooperates, for example,
with Art Basel in Basel , Miami Beach and Hong Kong, Frieze Art Fair
and a Frieze Masters in London and New York, Paris Photo,
Kyotography, a Korea International Art Fair and a Kochi-Muziris
Biennale in India. Since 2015, Art Basel and BMW have been supporting
rising artists by a BMW Art Journey, that allows the
laureate to make a tour of find and creation. Finally, a 4th
book of a “BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors” was
published in autumn 2016. 256 private collector’s presentations take
a reader on a tour around some-more than 43 countries, mostly in
surprising regions.


GOBELINS, School of Visual Arts

As a member physique of a Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, GOBELINS trains roughly 800 students each year, 400 of them
on tutelage contracts. The propagandize also provides continuous
training in photography, imitation and multimedia communication, graphic
design, interactive design, animation and video diversion pattern for 1,900
trainees each year.

The propagandize has gained inhabitant and general recognition. For the
second year in a row, GOBELINS was ranked as a world’s tip school
for animation (Animation career review, Jan 2017), tip propagandize for
striking pattern and tip tutelage training centre in France in the
graphical industries. GOBELINS is a pioneering provider of training in
digital and interactive communication. It trains artistic technology
students with a extensive believe of pattern and user experience.


BMW Group in France

BMW Group has 4 locations in France: Montigny-le-Bretonneux (head
office), Tigery (training center), Strasbourg (international PRA
center) and Miramas (international technical exam center). The BMW
Group employs some-more than 5,000 employees in France with a commercial
and financial subsidiaries as good as a disdainful distribution
network. In 2017, BMW Group France purebred 87,748 cars of a BMW
and MINI brands and 16020 motorcycles and scooters of a BMW Motorrad
brand. The annual volume of BMW Group purchases from French equipment
manufacturers and suppliers amounts to billions of Euro. Among them
are Dassault Systèmes, Faurecia, Michelin, Plastic Omnium, St Gobain
and Valeo. The team-work with PSA on 1.6-liter engines is a great
success. As partial of a electro-mobility strategy, BMW Group created
a BMW i code and introduced a insubordinate BMW i3 and BMW i8.
BMW Group France also pursues an active and permanent sponsorship
process with eminent informative actors such as a Rencontres de la
Photographie, Arles, Paris Photo and Gobelins, a propagandize of visual
Art where a BMW Residence is hold for photography emerging. For more
than 30 years, BMW Group France has been financing open utility
projects by a Foundation underneath a auspices of a Fondation de
France: now highway reserve for immature drivers. The amicable commitment
of a BMW Group also comes with a partnerships in a French sport:
French Golf Federation (FFG), and a French Rugby Federation (FFR)
and a XV of France.
Facebook: Twitter:
Instagram: YouTube:


BMW Group

BMW Group, that includes a BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad
brands, is a world’s heading manufacturer of reward automobiles and
motorcycles, also providing services in a areas of financial and
mobility. A tellurian company, BMW Group operates 31 prolongation and
public sites in 14 countries, as good as a sales network in more
than 140 countries. For a 2017 mercantile year, BMW Group’s worldwide
sales reached a sum of 2,463,500 cars and some-more than 164,000
motorcycles. In 2016, a association achieved a pre-tax distinction of 9.67
billion euros for a turnover of approximately 94.16 billion euros. At
Dec 31, 2016, a BMW Group had 124,729 employees. The success of
a BMW Group has always been one of responsible, long-term action.
Throughout a value origination chain, a company’s development
plan is formed on ecological and amicable sustainability, the
manufacturer’s full shortcoming for a products and a firm
joining to preserving a company’s values and healthy resources.