BMW Art Car reloaded: Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei takes a array into a 21st Century by going digital.

Beijing. The destiny is now: Following the
contributions by Jeff Koons and John Baldessari, Cao Fei (b. 1978) is
a youngest and initial Chinese artist ever to emanate a BMW Art Car. By
contracting protracted and practical reality, a internationally acclaimed
Chinese multimedia artist addresses a destiny of mobility such as
unconstrained driving, airborne cars and digitalization. In a presence
of Dr Ian Robertson, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, and
hundreds of invited guests, a exhibit of BMW Art Car #18 was
distinguished during a Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing on May 31.

Dr Ian Robertson, Member of a Board of Management
of BMW AG: “We were anxious by a preference of an eccentric jury of
general museum directors to have nominated Cao Fei. Considered
as a propitious series in China, her vehicle is a official
18th rolling sculpture of a collection. For her project,
Cao Fei chose an rare and immersive approach, lenient the
witness to rivet with a pattern by cutting-edge technology.
This is truly a BMW Art Car for a 21st century!”  

Cao Fei commented on her BMW Art Car: “To me, light
represents thoughts. As a speed of thoughts can't be measured, the
#18 Art Car questions a existence of a bounds of a human
mind. We are entering a new age, where a mind directly controls
objects and where thoughts can be transferred, such as unmanned
operations and synthetic intelligence. Which attitudes and
temperaments reason a pivotal to opening a gateway to a new age?”

The BMW Art Car #18 by Cao Fei
Cao Fei’s work is
a thoughtfulness on a speed of change in China, on tradition and future.
With her BMW Art Car project, she delves into a arena spanning
thousands of years, profitable reverence to Asia’s ancient devout wisdom
as it quickly spreads out into a third millennium. The multimedia
artist approached a BMW Art Car in a approach standard for her artistic
practice, building a together universe. The physique of work consists of
3 opposite components: a video focusing on a time traveling
devout practitioner, protracted existence comforts picturing colorful
light particles, permitted around a dedicated app (App Store: keyword
“BMW Art Car #18”), and a BMW M6 GT3 racecar in a strange carbon
black. Paying reverence to a CO fiber structure of a racecar
chassis, Cao Fei’s holistic use of a non-reflective black incorporates
a vehicle into a possibilities of a digital world.

Within this concept, Cao Fei’s doing of video art as
good as protracted existence creates an sourroundings of that a M6 GT3
is an essential part. In her video work, a practitioner executes
devout movements, that relate in colorful streams of light. When the
app is used within a premises of a car, these light swishes become
an AR designation floating above and around a BMW M6 GT3 –
involving a witness as an interactive representative of participation. This
account reflects on a normal devout rite unequivocally common
via Asia in that new objects such as automobiles are being
blessed, in this box wishing good fitness to vehicle and driver. On a
broader level, a light elements counterpart what a eyes can't see and
a mind can't picture.

During a march of over 3 years following her
announcement, Cao Fei took partial in a racing knowledge with female
competition motorist Cyndie Allemann in Switzerland in 2015. During manifold
visits to headquarters, she worked closely with BMW Group’s engineers,
designers, and digital specialists. For her research, a artist also
went on an extended BMW plant revisit to Tiexi.

The Jury
The jury of a 18th BMW Art
Car consisted of a following members: Richard Armstrong, Director,
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York); Chris Dercon, afterwards Director,
Tate Modern (London); Juan Gaitán, Director, Museo Tamayo Arte
Contemporáneo (Mexico City); Gabriele Horn, Director, Berlin Biennale;
Udo Kittelmann, Director, Nationalgalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin;
Dr. Matthias Mühling, Director, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus
(Munich); Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine Gallery
(London); Shwetal A. Patel, Kochi-Muziris Biennale (India); Beatrix
Ruf, Director, Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam); Bisi Silva, Director, The
Centre for Contemporary Art (Lagos); Philip Tinari, Director, Ullens
Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing) and Adam D. Weinberg, Director,
Whitney Museum of American Art (New York).

Joint matter of a general jury on Cao
Fei’s BMW Art Car project: “Cao Fei plays with many different
measure in her artistic practice. In a general art world,
she is good famous for exploring practical realities and digital
platforms in her works, while eventually bringing her account back
into a analogue world. We are not astounded that she picked a
unfolding that is on a one palm imaginary, even fictitious, though then
on a other palm unequivocally petrify and physical.“

Quotes on a arise of a World Premiere of BMW Art Car
The 18th BMW Art Car was suggested in the
participation of Olaf Kastner (President and CEO of BMW Group, China
Region), Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director), Augusto Farfus (BMW
works driver) and Fan Di’an (President of China Central Academy of
Fine Arts).

Olaf Kastner, President and CEO of BMW Group, Region
China: “We are unapproachable to benefaction a initial BMW Art Car designed by a
Chinese artist, Cao Fei, who is also by distant a youngest. She is a
plain instance of BMW Group’s fasten to foster a new emerging
epoch of Chinese artists. We are not usually active in moulding the
destiny of mobility, though also in building clever amicable connections
with China by informative rendezvous initiatives, dating behind as
early as 11 years ago. China is undergoing outrageous and rapid
developments, generally in a digital landscape. The 18th BMW Art
Car pays reverence to a multiplying changes in a Chinese society.”

Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director: “The 18th
BMW Art Car is ideally matched to this era. Cao Fei took a logical
step of formulating a initial ever digital Art Car. The protracted reality
knowledge creates this BMW M6 GT3 unique. For everybody concerned during BMW
Motorsport it was both sparkling and fascinating to work with Cao Fei
and her group on this project. This creates 2017 a unequivocally special year in
a story of BMW Art Cars. First, a BMW M6 GTLM Art Car of John
Baldessari took to a lane in Daytona, during a finish of a season
comes Art Car #18 by Cao Fei in Macau. This creates a tradition of BMW
Art Cars livelier than ever.”

Augusto Farfus, BMW works driver: “It’s a outrageous honour
for me to competition Cao Fei’s BMW Art Car, a 18th member of
a BMW Art Car Collection. I’m intensely unapproachable that we get a chance
to expostulate my second Art Car this year. This is positively singular for a
racing driver. I’m unequivocally looking brazen to diving deeper into this
plan and training some-more about a artist’s ideas and her philosophy
behind it.”

Fan Di’an, President of China Central Academy of Fine
Arts: “Cao Fei’s feat in formulating a 18th BMW Art
Car by protracted existence as a multimedia designation resonates
with a fast growth and outrageous mutation of China over the
past decades, such as globalization, urbanization and digitalization,
that drives a multiplying growth of contemporary art in China.
In a increasingly digitalized world, record has turn an
critical means for artists to create. I’m gay to see Chinese
artists are during a forefront of digital art.”

The BMW M6 GT3 on a racetrack
The BMW M6 GT3
has been a tip indication in a BMW Motorsport patron racing line-up
given 2016. The vehicle is powered by a 4.4-litre V8 engine with M
TwinPower Turbo Technology, generating 585 hp – with a whole car
weighing reduction than 1,300 kilograms. Technical characteristics of the
BMW M6 GT3 are also a expostulate concept, six-speed consecutive racing
transmission, and high-performance motorsport electronics. In 2016 the
GT vehicle got off to a drifting start, proof to be a competition leader from the
word go. Maxime Martin (BEL), Alexander Sims (GBR) and Philipp Eng
(AUT) gathering a BMW M6 GT3 to feat in a 24-hour competition of
Spa-Francorchamps (BEL). In addition, private BMW teams and drivers
collected many some-more victories and titles over a march of a season
with this challenger. The GTLM chronicle of a vehicle is competing in the
IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Sims, Bill Auberlen (USA),
Augusto Farfus (BRA) and Bruno Spengler (CAN) took turns racing John
Baldessari’s BMW M6 GTLM Art Car during a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA).
Again, it will be adult to Farfus to competition nonetheless another Art Car, this time
designed by Cao Fei, during a FIA GT World Cup in Macau (CHN).


Length:                     4,944 mm
                      2,046 mm
Wheelbase:              2,901
Weight:                     under 1,300 kg (without driver,
depending on regulations)

Based on a S63 prolongation engine and somewhat modified
                            for a specific mandate of
                                    with M TwinPower
Turbo Technology
Type:                          V8
                   4,395 cc
Performance:            adult to 585 hp
(depending on classification)
Oil supply:                 Oil
system, formed on dry sump,
privately grown by BMW Motorsport
Top speed:              
 approx. 280 km/h

The BMW Art Car Collection

Since 1975, a sum of 19 artists from all over a universe have
combined BMW Art Cars on a basement of contemporary BMW automobiles.
The collection was inaugurated when French racecar motorist and art
Hervé Poulain in partnership with a then
stream BMW Motorsport Director Jochen Neerpasch asked his artist
crony Alexander Calder to pattern a car. The outcome was a BMW 3.0 CSL,
that in 1975 was raced during a 24 Hours of Le Mans and became an
present favorite with a public: a BMW Art Car Collection was born.
The home of a BMW Art Cars is a BMW Museum in Munich. In addition,
they transport internationally for arrangement in exhibitions and museums.

In Nov 2015, BMW Group announced dual artists to emanate the
subsequent BMW Art Cars during a Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. In
serve to multimedia artist Cao Fei, American idol John Baldessari
designed a BMW M6 GTLM, both fasten a ranks of: Alexander Calder,
Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Ernst Fuchs, Robert
Rauschenberg, M. J. Nelson, Ken Done, Matazo Kayama, César Manrique,
A. R. Penck, Esher Mahlangu, Sandro Chia, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer,
Olafur Elíasson and Jeff Koons. After a universe premiere on November
30, 2016, during Art Basel in Miami Beach, a BMW Art Car by John
Baldessari competed during a mythological 24 Hours of Daytona from January
28 to 29, 2017.

Over a summer, her multimedia designation will be displayed
during a BMW Experience Shanghai, a code and pushing knowledge center,
before her BMW M6 GT3 needs to infer itself on a racetrack of the
FIA FT World Cup in Macau on Nov 17-19, 2017. A virtual
knowledge of her BMW Art Car will also be on arrangement during a UBS Forum
during Art Basel in
Basel in Jun 2017.

For serve questions greatfully contact:
Dr. Thomas
BMW Group Corporate and Governmental Affairs
Telephone: +49 89 382 24753, Fax: +49 89 382 24418

Leonie Laskowski
BMW Group Corporate and Governmental
Cultural Engagement
Telephone: +49 89 382 45382,
Fax: +49 89 382 24418

Ingo Lehbrink
BMW Group Corporate and Governmental Affairs
Sports Communications
Telephone: +49 89 382 76003
[email protected]

About Cao Fei
Born in 1978 in Guangzhou, Cao
Fei is one of a many innovative immature Chinese artists to have
emerged onto a general scene. Currently vital in Beijing, she
mixes amicable commentary, renouned aesthetics, references to Surrealism,
and documentary conventions in her films and installations. Her works
simulate on a fast and pell-mell changes that are occurring in Chinese
multitude today.  She exhibited her works and projects in Serpentine
Gallery, Tate Modern (London); New Museum, Guggenheim Museum, MoMA
(New York); Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Cao Fei’s
new projects in 2016 embody her first retrospective at MoMA PS1.
Furthermore, Cao Fei perceived a Chinese Contemporary Art Award
(CCAA) Best Young Artist Award in 2006 and Best Artist Award in 2016;
Piedra de Sal Award during Cuenca Biennale in 2016.

About BMW Group’s Cultural Commitment
roughly 50 years now, a BMW Group has instituted and intent in over
100 informative cooperations worldwide. The association places a categorical focus
of a long-term fasten on contemporary and complicated art, classical
song and jazz as good as pattern and design. In 1972, three
large-scale paintings were combined by a artist Gerhard Richter
privately for a corridor of a BMW Group’s Munich headquarters.
Since then, artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Daniel Barenboim,
Jonas Kaufmann and designer Zaha Hadid have co-operated with BMW. In
2016 and 2017, womanlike artist Cao Fei from China and American John
Baldessari combined a subsequent dual vehicles for a BMW Art Car
Collection. Besides co-initiatives, such as BMW Tate Live, a BMW Art
Journey and a “Opera for All” concerts in Berlin, Munich and London,
a association also partners with heading museums and art fairs as well
as orchestras and show houses around a world. The BMW Group takes
extensive artistic leisure in all a informative activities – as this
beginning is as essential for producing groundbreaking artistic work
as it is for vital innovations in a successful business.

About BMW Group’s fasten to enlightenment in
BMW Group has always been committed to fulfilling
corporate amicable shortcoming by informative rendezvous in China
contributing to a growth of Chinese art and culture.

In China, BMW Group kicked off BMW Culture Journey in 2007 to
guarantee and foster Chinese informative heritage. In a past decade,
a beginning has visited 6 vital eco-cultural refuge zones
and over 270 unsubstantial informative birthright equipment and has donated over
16 million RMB to support 90 projects in obligatory need of safeguarding.

The Tiexi plant in China is one of a world’s many modernized and
tolerable vehicle plants, that is also famous as an “art
factory”. There are many displays of artworks throughout, all of which
are a outcome of a plan called “10+10”, a informative engagement
module jointly instituted by a BMW Group, BMW Brilliance, LuXun
Academy of Fine Arts and Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, to
simulate on a attribute between industry, inlet and humans under
opposite informative contexts.

The all-new BMW Brand Experience Center in Shanghai is a
artistic establishment that harmoniously combines a clever BMW
temperament with Chinese elements, and offers giveaway entrance to a public.
The establishment has a dedicated area to showcase a BMW Art Cars and
allows a open to pattern their possess art cars virtually. In addition
to BMW branding events and experiential activities, it also hosts
several programs regularly, e.g. creation talks and enlightenment tour workshops.

Further information:

The BMW Group
With a 4 brands BMW, MINI,
Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW Group is a world’s leading
reward manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and also provides
reward financial and mobility services. As a tellurian company, a BMW
Group operates 31 prolongation and public comforts in 14 countries
and has a tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

In 2016, a BMW Group sole approximately 2.367 million cars and
145,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation was approximately
€ 9.67 billion on revenues amounting to € 94.16 billion. As of 31
Dec 2016, a BMW Group had a workforce of 124,729 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent fasten to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.