Canada is a vast wonderland of sights, industry and landmarks that shouldn’t be missed. At Ford, we are big fans of technology – it is making the world a safer, more connected and more entertaining place. However, your passengers sometimes can overlook the beauty around them when they fixate too much on our smartphones.

We want to help get their eyes up to see everything that Canada has to offer! So next time you have a car full of tech-obsessed children, friends or carpooling colleagues, give them a reason to look out the window and pay attention to what they see with these fun Bingo cards based on what you may see on the great Canadian roadways.

Make it a friendly competition! Let the first person to get Bingo choose what’s playing over the sound system using their phone through the available SYNC Bluetooth connectivity, or the rights to ride shotgun for the week. Above all else, enjoy the drive and have fun.

You can easily print the cards in one document through this link.

Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 1
Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 2
Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 3