Canada is a immeasurable wonderland of sights, courtesy and landmarks that shouldn’t be missed. At Ford, we are large fans of record – it is creation a universe a safer, some-more connected and some-more interesting place. However, your passengers infrequently can disremember a beauty around them when they fixate too most on a smartphones.

We wish to assistance get their eyes adult to see all that Canada has to offer! So subsequent time we have a automobile full of tech-obsessed children, friends or carpooling colleagues, give them a reason to demeanour out a window and compensate courtesy to what they see with these fun Bingo cards formed on what we might see on a good Canadian roadways.

Make it a accessible competition! Let a initial chairman to get Bingo select what’s personification over a sound complement regulating their phone by a accessible SYNC Bluetooth connectivity, or a rights to float shotgun for a week. Above all else, suffer a expostulate and have fun.

You can simply imitation a cards in one request by this link.

Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 1
Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 2
Ford Canada Roadside Bingo Card 3