Big opening in a tiny package: a Audi RS 3 Sportback

Blazing performance, compress size. Audi has combined a new indication to a energetic RS series: a RS 3 Sportback. In a good tradition of a brand, a engine boasts 5 cylinders and turbocharging technology. From a banishment of 2.5 liters come 250 kW (340 hp) of appetite and 450 Nm (331.90 lb-ft) of torque, with an normal fuel expenditure of usually 9.1 liters of fuel per 100 km (25.85 US mpg).

Power is transmitted to a highway around a seven-speed S tronic and quattro permanent all-wheel drive. 19-inch wheels and fenders done of CO fiber reinforced cosmetic (CFRP) underscore a Audi RS 3 Sportbacks position of distinction.

Power and sound: a engine
Each Audi RS indication represents a apex of a indication line a RS 3 Sportback, grown by quattro GmbH, now brings this energetic truth to a compress category. It rockets from a passed stop to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.6 seconds a opening figure unequaled by a competition. Top speed is electronically singular to 250 km/h (155.34 mph). Even so a compress car, weighing in during usually 1,575 kilograms (3,472.28 pounds), uses on normal usually 9.1 liters of fuel per 100 km (25.85 US mpg) and emits 212 g CO2 per km (341.18 g/mile). This potency is due in vast partial to a delivery-on-demand oil siphon and a regenerative complement that recovers appetite as a automobile decelerates.

The 2.5-liter engine in a RS 3 Sportback will disturb passengers interjection to a extensive pulling appetite and a starved revving adult to 6,800 rpm. The thick resounding and growling, corroborated by a signature stroke of a five-cylinder banishment sequence make adult a classical Audi soundtrack. A sound strap in a empty bend intensifies a sound even further. The strap is tranquil around a customary Sport button, that also varies a engine response.

Powerful five-cylinder engines have a prolonged bequest during Audi. In a 1980s, racing cars and prolongation cars used them to corner out a competition. Even a initial Audi RS model, a 1994 RS 2, had a five-cylinder engine. The 2.5-liter unit, already partial of a TT RS specifications, now redefines a state of a art, carrying recently been named International Engine of a Year by a high-ranking jury of automotive journalists.

The 2.5 TFSI delivers 250 kW (340 hp) from a banishment of 2,480 cc: a specific appetite outlay of 100.8 kW (137.1 hp) per liter. The extent torque of 450 Nm (331.90 lb-ft) is straightforwardly accessible during a low finish of a rev range, around 1,600 rpm, and stays consistent adult to 5,300 revolutions. These ubiquitous parameters produce glorious acceleration and lively values.

Just 49 centimeters (19.29 inches) in length, a five-cylinder section is ultra-compact, tipping a beam during a small 183 kilograms (403.45 pounds). The crankcase is done of vermicular-graphite expel iron, a high-strength nonetheless lightweight material. Audi is a initial automobile builder to use this element in a gasoline engine. Perfectly placed reinforcements serve raise a blocks loadability. The lightweight-design judgment keeps a Audi RS 3 Sportbacks weight in check and pays off vast in terms of axleload placement and, ultimately, handling.

The vast turbocharger generates adult to 1.2 bar of boost pressure. The intercooler downstream achieves an potency rate of over 80 percent. Like all Audi gasoline turbos, a 2.5 TFSI combines turbocharging record with FSI approach injection. The matrimony of these dual technologies facilitates a high application ratio (10.0:1) along with a together high potency ratio. Flaps in a intake tract brew a atmosphere as it flows in. The dual camshafts, any tractable by 42 degrees of crankshaft rotation, also raise a potency of a reduction formation.

Speed and grip: a drivetrain
The compress seven-speed S tronic transmits appetite from a five-cylinder engine around 3 shafts: one expostulate missile and dual outlay shafts. Like all dual-clutch transmissions, it comprises dual delivery structures. The changeable routine is intensely smooth, holding place in hundredths of a second as a clutches switch, with no obvious stop of pulling power. Seventh rigging is really high a magnitude that reduces fuel consumption.

The motorist can work a seven-gear S tronic in dual involuntary modes and one primer mode. Gears are shifted regulating a paddles on a steering circle or a selector lever. The launch control complement manages a scurry from a passed stop, furnishing bomb turbo appetite with minimal tire slip.

Delivering appetite to a highway with free ease, a quattro permanent all-wheel expostulate grants a RS 3 Sportback traction, dynamics, and stability. Its executive member is an electronically tranquil multi-plate clutch, mounted during a finish of a propeller missile to grasp a auspicious spindle bucket distribution. Located in a interior is a image package bathed in oil.

Thanks to quattro, a propulsive appetite can be distributed to any spindle as needed. Whenever trip occurs during one of a axles, an electric siphon intervenes during lightning speed to boost a oil pressure. The siphon presses a purchase plates together in a continual fashion, thereby needing a torque to be redirected accordingly. Thanks to a absolute accumulator, this routine takes usually a few milliseconds.

Dynamics and safety: a chassis
The unbending physique lays a cornerstone for a RS 3 Sportbacks accurate handling; a framework is what creates it happen. The four-link back cessation with a lane measuring 1,528 millimeters (60.16 inches) is anchored to a subframe and facilities high-strength-steel control arms that concede it to hoop longitudinal and parallel army separately.

Widened to a 1,564-millimeter (61.57-inch) track, a front cessation is a McPherson strut construction, also with a apart subframe. Key components of a construction are done of aluminum. Thanks to a electromechanical drive, a rack-and-pinion steering is rarely efficient, with a sporty-direct rigging ratio of 16.2:1.

Coil springs and redesigned startle absorbers yield a straight support. The sports cessation lowers a physique of a RS 3 Sportback by 25 millimeters (0.98 inch) compared with a A3. The new range-topping indication in a A3 array boasts 19-inch expel aluminum wheels propitious with 235/35 array tires during a front and 225/35 during a rear. The wheels come customary with machine-polished titanium-look styling, though are optionally accessible in black with a red edge flange.

The internally ventilated disks magnitude 370 millimeters (14.57 inches) in hole during a front and 310 millimeters (12.20 inches) during a rear. The front attrition rings are seperated for extent feverishness dissipation. They are connected by vale pins to a aluminum stop hoop covers, that are encircled by four-piston bound calipers embellished a high-gloss black and temperament RS logos. The electronic stabilization module (ESP) facilities a Sport mode and can be switched off entirely.

Precisely guided by a manageable steering, a RS 3 Sportback energetically takes to curves and exits them with agility, stability, and serenity. The fortitude extent is intensely high, an free poise that rounds off a impression of this absolute compress car.

Interior and exterior: energetic styling
The new top-of-the-line indication in a A3 array hints during a bomb intensity from a really initial glimpse. Together with a xenon and headlights, a front apron, a anthracite single-frame griddle with diamond-patterned styling and a atmosphere intakes cut a particular figure.

The side perspective is dominated by a flared front fenders done of carbonfiberreinforced cosmetic (CFRP), distinguished sill panels, exterior-mirror casings in matt aluminum demeanour and a vast roof spoiler. A high-gloss black diffusor insert and dual elliptical empty tailpipes on a left intensify a styling during a rear. RS 3 badges accoutre a single-frame griddle and a back hatch.

The energetic character is matched in a interior, wholly black and sporting a array of RS 3 logos. The sports seats are upholstered in Fine Nappa leather with china resisting stitching; a inlays radiate in Piano finish black or a new Aluminum Race look; a leather multifunction sports steering circle is flat-bottomed. The selector push and instruments are specifically designed. The motorist information complement can arrangement a boost vigour and oil heat as good as a path timer.

The RS 3 Sportback comes with an array of customary apparatus including a Sport button, back parking system, meridian control, carol radio system, and xenon and headlights with LED daytime using lights. Audi offers business a operation of discretionary features: front bucket seats, roof rails in matt aluminum look, and styling packages in black or matt aluminum. Five extraneous colors are available, and an total preference of tradition paint finishes.

The new top-of-the-line indication in a A3 array is already a fourth Audi indication to be built during Audi Hungaria in Gyr, where it is rolling off a public line alongside a TT Coup, a TT Roadster and a A3 Cabriolet.

Deliveries of a RS 3 Sportback will start in early 2011. The bottom cost in Germany will be 49,900 euros.