Best Global Brands: MINI reaches code value of 5 billion dollars

Munich. More than any other automobile brand, MINI is a
matter of personal character and inspires business all over a world.
Constantly reinventing a code by appealing products,
innovation, flawlessness and particular code communications is part
of a MINI DNA. This unrestrained for a code is also reflected in
a latest Best Global Brands ranking gathered by a brand
consultancy Interbrand. The value of a MINI code rose once again
this year: With a code value of some-more than 5 billion US dollars,
a innovative reward code climbed to series 87 in a ranking.

MINI continues a solid expansion in code value. In 2014, a brand
was nonetheless to mangle into a tip 100, though debuted during series 98 in 2015
and climbed 10 places in 2016 to strech series 88. This year, it once
again softened on this position.

The clever expansion in code value stems from systematic implementation
of a code realignment announced in 2015. Design, flawlessness and
unique value conclude a new code identity, that is also reflected
in a visible coming and new tonality of communications.

Sebastian Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI: “We have a genuine
seductiveness in people’s lives, interests and passions. We wish to do more
than only send messages out into a world. We also wish to listen and
enter into an authentic discourse with young, civic creatives who
essay to live purposeful, fulfilling lives.”

MINI goes over a automobile to learn new applications for a unique
MINI DNA. The code appeals to artistic immature people vital in cities,
where appealing vital space is increasingly wanting and responsible
use of housing resources is apropos some-more important. True to its
normal product promises of “creative use of space” and “minimal
footprint”, MINI is presenting a idealist resolution for both
hurdles with a “MINI LIVING – Breathe” installation. In
partnership with New York-based design organisation SO–IL, MINI is
contributing to a trailblazing interpretation of resource-conscious
co-existence in singular city spaces. “MINI LIVING – Breathe” questions
required vital concepts and opens adult artistic solutions for
destiny hurdles in a civic environment.

MINI also promotes obliged use of resources by a products
and has been active in a margin of electromobility for over a decade.
The MINI E noted a commencement of widescale studies of e-mobility
behind in 2008. Based on expertise gained from roughly 10 years of
electromobility, a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid
was launched progressing this year. In 2019, MINI will also recover a
fully-electric three-door model, that was previewed as a MINI
Electric Concept during this year’s IAA engine show. In this way, the
required MINI portfolio will be complemented by plug-in hybrids
and pure-electric models.

Steady expansion in a value of a MINI code has been accompanied by
analogous expansion in product sales. In a initial 8 months of
this year, sales rose 3.1% year-on-year to strech a sum of 230,925
vehicles. The biggest expansion drivers for a reward code are the
MINI Countryman (+12.9%) and a MINI Convertible (+20.3%).

“Best Global Brands” 2017 is a 18th book of the
news published annually by tellurian code consultancy Interbrand,
that explores how brands establish a success of a company. The
analysis is formed on a financial success of a products and
services belonging to a brand, a purpose of a code in customer
decision-making and a impact on association pricing.


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