BC-based bearer association launches North America’s initial hydrogen-powered bearer fleet

Toyota Canada Mirai swift GEAZONE_70

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada (November 15, 2021) – BC-based Geazone Eco-Couriers has announced a launch of North America’s initial hydrogen-powered bearer fleet.

“Geazone is committed to providing a fast, reliable, affordable and tolerable smoothness use with a patron in mind, and this new hydrogen-powered zero-emission swift will assistance us grasp this,” says Geazone President CEO Andrew Mitchell. “We trust all businesses can be champions of sustainability and we wish to assistance lead this change.”

Geazone Eco-Courier is a BC-based 0 emissions bearer organisation that provides tolerable smoothness services, third celebration logistics and burden services to businesses opposite Vancouver Island and Vancouver. Their 40 new Toyota Mirai fuel dungeon electric vehicles (FCEVs) are powered by hydrogen — and their usually tailpipe glimmer is water.

“In places where a fueling infrastructure exists – as it does in BC – hydrogen-powered FCEVs unequivocally are a ideal zero-emission resolution for organizations with fleets of high-use vehicles,” pronounced Stephen Beatty, Vice President, Corporate during Toyota Canada Inc. “We praise Geazone for holding this confidant and innovative step for their business, and we wish their swift of Toyota Mirai will assistance denote a value of FCEVs to other swift owners looking to revoke their CO footprint.”

Earlier this year, Toyota announced it was partnering with ride-share personality Lyft to make accessible a identical swift of zero-emission FCEVs for ride-share drivers in a Vancouver area.

Geazone’s launch of a hydrogen-powered bearer swift is partly a outcome of changes in a economy brought on by a COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’d already been handling as an eco-courier with battery electric vehicles, though when COVID arrived, we had to make some changes,” Mitchell says. “A lot of a business-to-business customer bottom dusty up. We pivoted to a business-to-consumer indication for final mile smoothness by courier.”

“At a same time, we were also looking during bettering a swift to hydrogen. When we saw a Toyota Mirai, we was excited. we took one for a exam expostulate and a few days later, came behind and told them we wanted 40 of them, right afterwards and there. A few weeks later, we total a initial collection of FCEVs to a fleet.”

Geazone skeleton on expanding their hydrogen-powered swift in a entrance months.

Hydrogen BC, a organisation championing British Columbia’s hydrogen industry, sees today’s proclamation a clever indicator of hydrogen’s flourishing movement in a province.

“With 4 active hydrogen fuelling stations, and several some-more planned, British Columbia is positively in a right place to launch a bearer swift of hydrogen-powered vehicles,” pronounced Colin Armstrong, Chair of Hydrogen BC. “The foreknowledge of a BC supervision total with a innovative work of internal companies means we have a required hydrogen fuelling infrastructure for a seamless swift use operation. We’re vehement to be home to North America’s initial hydrogen-powered bearer fleet, and we honour Geazone on this sparkling venture.”

The launch is timely, in light of a new proclamation by a supervision of British Columbia per its CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 plan to assistance B.C. grasp a 2030 emissions rebate targets and strech net-zero by 2050.

Geazone perceived rebates from a Province’s CleanBC Go Electric Hydrogen Fleet program, that offers swift operators $8,000 to a limit of 35% of offered cost for a squeeze of an FCEV to assistance B.C. businesses revoke emissions.

“We wish to inspire some-more B.C. companies to make a switch to purify appetite in their day-to-day business,” pronounced Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation. “Geazone Eco-Courier is a good instance of a internal organisation that is operative to adopt cleaner vehicles that not usually aligns with a hydrogen plan and CleanBC Roadmap to 2030, though helps other businesses and communities strech their possess meridian change targets by ensuring their couriers are behind a circle of zero-emissions vehicles.”

The sovereign supervision also recently expelled its Hydrogen Strategy for Canada, environment an desirous horizon to make Canada a tellurian hydrogen leader.

About Geazone Eco-courier

Geazone Eco-Courier is a BC-based 0 emissions bearer organisation that provides tolerable smoothness services, third celebration logistics, and burden services to businesses opposite Vancouver Island and Vancouver. What truly sets Geazone detached from any other bearer use is a graphic ability to work by a wholly emissions-free fleet, that includes human-powered tricycles, cars, and entirely electric 5-tonne trucks. Learn some-more at http://geazone.ca/