Awards for Audi in Feb 2014

“Best Cars 2014” in China: 8 awards for Audi
Audi has again triumphed as a many successful code in a “Best Cars 2014” check conducted in China – as motionless by readers of a Chinese book of auto, engine und sport. Garnering a sum of 8 awards, a organisation once again won some-more accolades than any other manufacturer. The Audi A6 L took initial place in a “upper midsize class” and “domestically constructed tip midsize class” categories. The Audi Q5* won electorate over as a best “domestically constructed SUV off-road vehicle.” Audi was also during a tip of a code rankings and took initial place in a “reliable cars,” “environmentally accessible cars,” “good patron service,” “good value for money” and “high resale value” categories. China is a largest singular marketplace for Audi. The organisation was again a strongest-selling code in a Chinese reward shred during 2013.
(February 19, 2014)

Five stars for a Audi A6* in a US NCAP pile-up test
The American pile-up exam module US NCAP has awarded a Audi A6 a limit rating of 5 stars for pile-up safety. The formula for adult insurance in frontal and side impact collisions, as good as in a rollover situation, put a stream Audi A6 among a safest cars in a class. (February 26, 2014)

Audi wins Auto Zeitung “Image report”
For a tenth time in succession, Audi took initial place in a Auto Zeitung “Image Report.” More than 20,000 readers participated in a survey, giving their outcome on a sum of 45 opposite automobile brands. Audi achieved good in categories including “Cars are good built,” “Builds on-going cars”, “Is successful in motorsport,” “The code is likable,” and “The peculiarity of a cars has risen.” (February 26, 2014)

“The best brands in all classes”: 10 tip rankings for Audi
Audi triumphed in 10 categories in a Auto Bild check to code “The best brands in all classes.” In a “Quality” category, Audi ranked tip in a following segments: tiny car, compress car, midsize class, full-size class, oppulance class, cabriolets adult to 50,000 euros, compress SUV, and vast SUV. The code with a 4 rings won dual serve awards for a high resale value of a cars and a success in motorsport. Auto Bild asked a readers to name their favorite brands in a sum of 13 classes and 25 additional categories. (February 28, 2014)

DEKRA Used-Car Report: feat for a Audi A1*
Victory for Audi in a DEKRA Used-Car Report: The Audi A1 has come tip in a “Mini/small car” category. Vehicle investigation organisation DEKRA assessed a sum of 15 million cars in 8 classes with courtesy to their peculiarity and safety. Using a findings, DEKRA afterwards drew adult a list of deficiencies specific to any form of automobile in 3 mileage ranges. (February 19, 2014)

Audi A7 3.0 TDI multitronic* is “Wertmeister 2014”
The Audi A7 3.0 TDI multitronic has been awarded a pretension of “Wertmeister 2014,” creation it a automobile with a many fast value in a class. The “Wertmeister” fame is bestowed by Auto Bild and EurotaxSchwacke on those cars in any difficulty that are approaching to decrease a slightest during a subsequent 4 years. The Audi A7 triumphed in a “Luxury class” difficulty as carrying a lowest debasement value in euros. Awards were given in a sum of eleven segments. (February 6, 2014)

“Consumer Reports”: dual accolades for Audi
Audi has perceived dual accolades in a annual ranking published by US repository Consumer Reports: The Audi A6* came tip in a “Luxury car” category. The organisation took third place in a code ranking. (February 25, 2014)

“Connected World Award”: bullion for Audi
Audi has won a bullion “Connected World Award” presented by a American repository Connected World. Together with a US partners ATT, Gemalto, and RACO Wireless, Audi perceived a fame in a “Connected car” category. (February 14, 2014)

Audi A3 Sedan*: “Car of January” in Korea
The organisation of Korean motoring reporters has comparison a Audi A3 Sedan as “Car of January.” The reporters were quite tender by a model’s low fuel expenditure and good price/performance ratio. (February 15, 2014)

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi A1: fuel consumption, total in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.8
(33.13 – 61.90 US mpg);
CO2 emissions, total in g/km: 166 – 99 (267.15 – 159.33 g/mile)

Audi A3 Sedan: fuel consumption, total in l/100 km: 7.0 – 3.8
(33.60 – 61.90 US mpg);
CO2 emissions, total in g/km: 162 – 99 (260.71 – 159.33 g/mile)

Audi A6: fuel consumption, total in l/100 km: 9.8 – 4.4
(24.00 – 53.46 US mpg);
CO2 emissions, total in g/km: 229 – 114 (368.54 – 183.47 g/mile)

Audi A7 Sportback: fuel consumption, total in l/100 km: 9.8 – 5.1
(24.00 – 46.12 US mpg);
CO2 emissions, total in g/km: 229 – 135 (368.54 – 217.26 g/mile)

Audi Q5: fuel consumption, total in l/100 km: 8.5 – 5.3
(27.67 – 44.38 US mpg);
CO2 emissions, total in g/km: 199 – 139 (320.26 – 223.70 g/mile)