Audi wins Digital Transformation Award

Audi is fixation augmenting significance on amicable media collection and is regulating them to settle new forms of cooperation. As a result, a association this Thursday perceived a Digital Transformation Award in Berlin. Mattias Ulbrich, Head of IT and Organization, supposed a esteem in a Corporate Culture category.

The jury ‑ stoical of politicians, academics and businesspeople – praised a holistic strategy, that promotes a digital informative mutation in a whole company. “Audi placed priority on a resolution from one mold with cranky connections, and afterwards entirely integrated that solution,” pronounced jury member Karl Heinz Land, owner of plan consulting association neuland. The jury chaired by Miriam Meckel, Editor-in-Chief of “WirtschaftsWoche” business magazine, settled that it was a pioneering feat to settle a new communication height within a brief time with some-more than 80,000 employees.

Audi employees during locations in Europe, Asia and America promulgate in several languages and opposite many time zones. “At Audi, we have combined a digital height by that all a employees all over a universe can be connected. We will usually be stretchable and innovative as an classification when we share a knowledge,” settled Ulbrich. Modern forms of communication are essential in sequence to work good and competitively in a epoch of digital transformation.

Audi IT has grown connected social‑media applications together with all of a company’s dilettante departments. In a context of digitalization, Audi is enlivening a sell of ideas. This includes approach dialog opposite departmental and crew levels, as good as a upsurge of information that is quick and and pure for everybody involved. In a context of an inner ideas foe in a social‑media channels, some-more than 250 suggestions for useful apps in a automobile were prepared and submitted within 4 weeks. Expert teams are now operative on a serve growth of a best ideas.

The Digital Transformation Award has now been presented twice by “WirtschaftsWoche,” a heading German business magazine, and “neuland,” a plan consulting company. This esteem is given in approval of companies, organizations, open authorities and institutions that boost their value combined by a focus of digital technologies. The jury assesses digital projects in a categories of “Business and Strategy,” “Product and Service” and “Corporate Culture.”