Audi Volunteer Day 2021, digital and analog: employees assistance in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm

Supporting amicable gratification institutions and initiatives digitally and on-site. Last Saturday in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm as good as digitally, many Audi employees took adult that pursuit and done Audi Volunteer Day 2021 a good success for amicable rendezvous in their locations.

“Our employees’ personal rendezvous in multitude has always one Audi’s crew and done us strong. It’s a good thing that we can be really unapproachable of. And it’s a petrify partial of a corporate culture. We live together, in a clarity of being good neighbors, and that includes corporate shortcoming during a prolongation sites by proceed of support for volunteering,“ says Sabine Maaßen, Member of a Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization during AUDI AG. During Audi Volunteer Day, she herself, together with her colleagues, beautified a outward of a Schatzkisterl daycare core in Pörnbach.

Audi Chairman of a General Works Council Peter Mosch and Vice Chairwoman of a Ingolstadt Works Council Rita Beck were in movement during a State Garden Show: together with other intent Audi employees, they were obliged for a organisation from a Ingolstadt informal Caritas mental health clinic, with whom they jointly non-stop a venue. “Social rendezvous is high priority during Audi. That’s because I’m blissful that a lot of Audi employees participated in Volunteer Days again this year and gave some of their giveaway time for others. That not usually creates a transparent matter about volunteering during Audi, though also shows a postulated clarity of shortcoming toward a people in a region,” emphasizes Peter Mosch.

Dirk Große-Loheide, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG Procurement and IT, was concerned in a digital project: He and other employees worked with a amicable gratification nonprofit Aufbaugilde Heilbronn gGmbH to assistance German denunciation learners with online denunciation training. His co-worker Oliver Hoffmann, Member of a Board of Management for Technical Development, was on site in Ingolstadt and spruced adult a gardens during a Münsterkindergarten child caring core together with a tiny team. Board Member for Production and Logistics Peter Kössler took an jaunty proceed and, together with a tiny team, renovated a football idea wall for a Ingolstadt Montessori school. Ingolstadt Plant Manager Achim Heinfling brought his whole government group with him to do garden work during a St. Anna daycare core in Buxheim. Stefanie Ulrich, Human Resources Director during Neckarsulm, worked with her colleagues to plant a new herb garden for a Neckarsulm labor gratification association.

All on-site events primarily took place outdoors, in tiny groups, and in gripping with a required sterilizing and protecting regulations.

Audi supports a employees’ intentional rendezvous over Volunteer Days as well. In a future, a newly assembled digital sell height will make it even easier to demeanour for and find proffer opportunities for employees and amicable organizations in a regions where a sites are located.

As a good corporate citizen, AUDI AG has ceaselessly taken on amicable shortcoming during a prolongation sites for many years. With Audi Volunteer Day and group campaigns, a code with a 4 rings supports a employees’ amicable engagement. As partial of only such a group campaign, Neckarsulm Plant Manager Fred Schulze and his group will build a barefoot trail for Heilbronn medical clinics SLK-Kliniken this October.

Under a corporate citizenship strategy, a association frequently supports amicable gratification institutions with donations and is a informal sports and enlightenment sponsor.