Audi Twin Cup: world-class service

“Even with all of the technical advancements, service is and remains a business that thrives because of its people. Behind every outstanding workshop performance stand dedicated employees who hold their own work to high standards,” said Bernd Hoffmann, Executive Director Service/Genuine Parts at AUDI AG. Hoffmann pre-sented the trophy on Saturday evening to the winners of the Audi Twin Cup world finals: “With our service world championship, we are promoting the important teamwork between technical and advisory services at the dealership. We are doing this with success, as customer satisfaction with our service continued to increase worldwide in the past year.”

In the Audi Twin Cup, the technical and service teams undertake various theoretical and specialist tests that evaluate both their performance in personal interaction with the customer and in the area of diagnostics and repair. The decisive factor here is that the best results can only be achieved in close teamwork between the technicians and the service advisors. Only those who consistently deliver impressive performance in team work, can succeed in the Audi Twin Cup competitions.

This year, 73 teams traveled to the Catalan metropolis to claim the title in the world finals of the Audi Twin Cup. The teams competed directly against each other in the two-day competition. Prior to that, they had already qualified in national competitions involving around 2,800 teams.

In the end, the winner of the world championship for service was the team from South Korea. Second place was taken by the technicians and service advisors from Romania, followed by the team from the USA.

The international finals of the Audi Twin Cup are carried out once each year. For the first time, also teams from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lithuania and the Dominican Republic competed for the Audi Service crown this year.

All partner businesses that have a valid service contract with AUDI AG are qualified to compete in the Audi Twin Cup.