Audi Twin Cup 2018: universe championship prize goes to France

Expert technical believe meets ultimate patron focus: Audi use technicians and advisors denote their skills in a Audi Twin Cup. The group from France claimed feat in a general finals hold Jul 26 and 27.

Nearly 2,500 teams from Audi dealers in 34 countries took partial in a inhabitant competitions. 67 of those teams competent for a general finals in Saalfelden, Austria. Making their entrance this year were teams from Poland, Norway and Hungary. During a two-day event, participants demonstrated their advisory skills and technical imagination in standard patron situations trimming from a check-in investigation to diagnosing dark defects and carrying out repairs according to manufacturer specifications.

Customer concentration was given sold priority in this year’s fanciful and unsentimental tasks involving a Audi SQ7. The teams demonstrated in petrify hurdles how they use a new, stretchable core use routine to yield individualized patron support. The technical investigation and guided troubleshooting for facilities like a 360 grade camera complement also put their technical ability and pointing to a test.

2018 noted a 14th time a Audi Twin Cup has been held. In further to a winners from France, a second-place Swiss group also achieved impressively. The use technicians and advisors from a USA followed in third place.