Audi to launch global brand campaign and partner with 72andSunny Amsterdam

The campaign will be based on Audi’s new brand strategy. One of the most important objectives is to redefine the Vorsprung durch Technik slogan and infusing it with new life. In the future, it will no longer be solely about what is technically possible, but on focusing even more on what customers want. “Vorsprung is globally becoming more and more a question of perspective, of an inner attitude,” says Sven Schuwirth, Head of Brand Audi, Digital Business and Customer Experience. “That’s why we’re breaking new ground also in marketing, to recharge the Audi brand emotionally. Since its inception, we have been driving this project forward in an agile network with colleagues from all over the world. 72andSunny is the ideal agency for us to make these goals tangible in a major brand campaign.”

Carlo Cavallone, Executive Creative Director, Partner at 72andSunny Amsterdam, says: “We’re honored and thrilled that the first car brand we’re partnering with in Amsterdam is one of the world’s most innovative, creative and exciting. We’re thrilled to be working with them on their next chapter – it’s a big challenge and we’re all up for it.” The Audi relationship will be led by 72andSunny’s Amsterdam office, with appropriate support from the network. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore and Amsterdam, 72andSunny is a global advertising agency creating global work for clients such as Google, adidas and Unilever.

Strengthening the brand will play a key role in Audi’s planned major communications offensive. Audi intends to systematically rejuvenate the brand and in particular to address progressive target groups. The premium concept is also to be revived in the meaning of a contemporary form of luxury. The stated goal is to sustainably enhance both brand image and brand awareness.

The new brand campaign will kick off in the first quarter of 2020.