Audi to Exhibit New In-Car Entertainment Technologies during CES 2019

At a counter in a Las Vegas Convention Center (North Hall, counter 7019), a reward code will uncover how a automobile float can spin into a digital party experience. The Audi models of a destiny will be broadly connected and therefore yield a prerequisites for an party space. Thanks to piloted driving, occupants will have “free” time in a automobile in a future, in that they can use a subsequent era of in-car entertainment, for example.

Audi will showcase pioneering concepts during a CES to denote how a pushing knowledge can spin into a fun ride. In Las Vegas, a code will benefaction a totally new party format where a tour is a destination. A opposite technology, a “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment,” provides party while a automobile is stationary. It allows a occupants to suffer Hollywood blockbusters or calm supposing by streaming services. Welcome to a next-generation drive-in film theater.

Audi has been a unchanging exhibitor during a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas given 2011. It is a many distinguished wiring trade satisfactory and is deliberate to be an critical pushing force for trends and developments all over a world. Around 4,000 exhibitors will be on site, and roughly 170,000 visitors are approaching again in 2019.