Audi staff present income for inundate victims

“In times of crisis, it’s critical to hang together and assistance one another. All a people in a disaster areas have a deepest sympathy. Many of them are faced with losing everything,” says Sabine Maaßen, Member of a Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization of Audi AG. “The cleanup operations will spend a lot of time, energy, and money. With a fundraising campaign, we would all like to minister to assisting in this time of need.”

“The people on belligerent 0 desperately need support. Every small grant depends toward rebuilding.” This is because we are job on a staff to make donations,” affirms Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council of Audi AG. The fundraising debate goes until Sep 10.

Audi Brussels

In light of a harmful effects of a flooding that also strike Belgium, Audi Brussels also job on a staff to lift money. The final volume of income lifted by a employees will also be surfaced adult during a Brussels location.