Audi uncover automobile for Los Angeles – beginning of a new epoch of design

For 45 year aged Lichte, who was allocated Head of Audi Design in February 2014, a core competences of a code – sportiness, lightweight pattern and quattro expostulate – all have a high turn of importance. In a rarely romantic and new pattern idiom, Marc Lichte communicates a technical cunning and formidable product peculiarity of a Audi code – car pattern is apropos an even stronger countenance of on-going technology.

The concept car during a Los Angeles Auto Show outlines a new commencement in Audi Design – both extraneous and interior.

Marc Lichte was innate on August 9, 1969 in Arnsberg in a Sauerland segment of Germany. He began his veteran career during Volkswagen AG in 1996 while still a tyro during Pforzheim University study travel design.

After fasten a company, he worked as an extraneous engineer before being allocated Head of a Exterior Design Studio in 2006. At Volkswagen, Marc Lichte worked on prolongation models that enclosed a Golf 5, 6 and 7, a Passat 6, 7 and 8, a Touareg and a Phaeton.