Audi sends Germany’s best pledge golfers to Los Angeles

From Berlin to California: Axel and Andre Parschau (Club: Winston Links, Audi Zentrum Schwerin) as good as Ronald Zschornack and Stefan A. Uhlich (Club: Lausitzer Golfclub, Autohaus Schulze) motionless a Audi quattro Cup in Germany in their favor. At a universe culmination from Oct 7 to 11, 2013, they will be personification for altogether feat opposite general competitors during a Trump National Golf Club nearby Los Angeles on a seashore of a Pacific Ocean.

254 pledge golfers from all over Germany gifted stirring final days on a hinterland of Berlin. In 127 gift tournaments they had formerly prevailed opposite 12,700 players. “On interest of Audi we honour a winners and wish them a lot of success during a universe culmination in California,” pronounced Clemens Lee, Head of Trade Fairs, Events and Sport Marketing of AUDI AG. “The vast series of participants shows that a Audi quattro Cup continues to disturb and intruigued in a 23rd year. The days in Berlin were a ideal instance of a glorious and satisfactory sporting eventuality underneath a pitch of a 4 rings.”

During a culmination a participants had a event to accommodate Audi bureau motorist Tom Kristensen. The nine-time leader of a Le Mans 24 Hours is an zealous golfer himself. He participated in a second culmination as a non-competing actor and gave a meddlesome golfers some insights into a fascinating universe of motorsport. During a dusk celebration that resolved a German culmination a Dane presented a prizes.

Around a green, Audi showcased dual top-end models from a product range, a Audi RS 7 and a R8 Spyder. As an inducement for a ‘hole-in-one’ on Hole 13, a code with a 4 rings had done an Audi RS 5 Cabrio accessible – though a ideal strike putting a round into a hole opposite a 183-meter stretch was not achieved by any of a participants this year either.

Since a initial year of 1991 distant some-more than a million players worldwide have participated in a Audi quattro Cup. At a invitation of informal Audi partners, gift tournaments are hold as ‘foursomes with comparison drive’ for 6 months. The winners so validate for a German finale. The 24th deteriorate of a Audi quattro Cup will start in Apr 2014.