Audi pays its employees a profit-sharing bonus for the year 2013

“Our team achieved great things in 2013, partially under difficult market conditions. It coped with 15 model launches and helped us to reach the record number of 1.57 million cars delivered to customers. With the profit-sharing bonus, our Audi employees are receiving deserved recognition for their great commitment,” stated Audi’s Board of Management Member for Human Resources Thomas Sigi. At the same time, the company has started the biggest investment program in its history: “Among other things, we are investing in the expansion and modernization of our production sites,” explained Sigi, “In this way, we are also protecting jobs.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council, stated: “All of Audi’s employees have contributed towards the company’s success with their commitment, their motivation and their excellent work.” Mosch emphasized that despite the more difficult competitive situation, Audi had a successful year behind it and that this was now paying off for the employees. “We are more than satisfied with the profit-sharing bonus. This variable and profit-related component of income makes the company’s success into the personal success of all our colleagues – and for more Audi people than ever before,” stated Mosch.

At €6,900, the profit-sharing bonus for the individual employees is somewhat lower than in the previous year, as the Audi Group’s operating profit of €5.03 billion is lower than in 2012. Also this year, the company will recognize a pension expense out of the profit share. In this way, Audi aims to help its employees to improve their preparations for retirement.

The workforce of the Audi Group grew again last year: Worldwide, 6,380 new employees were recruited – more than ever before. Over 3,000 of those new Audi people started at the two domestic sites in Ingolstadt und Neckarsulm. Of that total, 1,000 experts, of whom 27 percent are women, strengthen the competence areas of lightweight construction, connectivity and electric mobility, or support the development of new plants. The total number also includes 1,332 skilled workers, most of who were taken over into the permanent workforce from temporary working arrangements, as well as 756 apprentices and students on a dual course of study.

Audi welcomed 2,106 new employees at the site in Győr, where the new full automobile plant started operation in 2013. Another 200 new people joined the Audi Group at Audi México. At the end of 2013, the total workforce of the Audi Group reached the new record number of 73,751 people.

Proceeding along its growth path, AUDI AG will continue to recruit also in 2014: In Germany alone, it plans to take on approximately new 1,500 employees. In addition, about 750 young people will start their occupational training at Audi.