Audi one-two-three success in DTM thriller during Spielberg

The reason was that a male winning a whole eventuality on Sunday was Rast’s teammate, Jamie Green. The Briton again put his Audi RS 5 DTM on stick position and set a gait in a competition right from a start. With René Rast following in his slipstream, Audi Sport Team Rosberg seemed to be headed for a one-two win until a front runner, 3 laps before a finish, unexpected mislaid speed and with changeable problems forsaken to 14th place.

As a result, René Rast distinguished a third feat in his considerable DTM rookie deteriorate and as a new runner-up in a standings is again one in a sum of 6 drivers still carrying chances of clinching a drivers’ pretension in a culmination during Hockenheim on Oct 14 and 15. Four of them expostulate an Audi RS 5 DTM. “For me, personally, it was apparently a glorious result,” pronounced Rast. “But I’m really contemptible for Jamie. He would have deserved feat today. On a one hand, we can be happy that we’ve won a race. On a other hand, we’re a small unhappy that it didn’t spin out a one-two win.”

With Mike Rockenfeller (Audi Sport Team Phoenix) and Nico Müller (Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline), drivers from all 3 Audi teams were jointly on lectern for a initial time in a 2017 season. Rockenfeller suspicion his competition was over when he strike a quell tough in a initial third of a race. But, following a tire change, “Rocky” fought his approach behind to a front, overtaking personality of a standings Mattias Ekström and a BMW of Marco Wittmann, among others.

Following his feat on Saturday, Mattias Ekström took fifth place, so fortifying his lead in a drivers’ standings. From grid position eight, a Swede had to conflict intensely tough for his 10 points. Ekström chose a unsure plan and altered tires as early as on path one. When a reserve automobile was deployed shortly before a finish of a race, Ekström, using on a oldest tires in a field, was fighting with his behind opposite a wall. Still, in a final chaotic stage, a DTM personality managed to pass BMW motorist Marco Wittmann and to move home fifth place.  

Loïc Duval, on a other hand, had a freshest tires in a final sprint, so being means to allege from a final position on a grid to eighth place and to measure points for a second time in a DTM.

“That was an overwhelming race,” pronounced Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “With dual one-two-three wins, it was a glorious weekend for us. But I’m intensely contemptible for Jamie (Green). He showed such an glorious opening here from day one. He clinched stick position twice and no doubt would have deserved feat today. Losing so most belligerent so shortly before a finish due to a technical emanate is painful. Mattias (Ekström) with a super-risky plan fought behind and is now roving to Hockenheim as a personality of a standings. The DTM fans can demeanour brazen to a fantastic finale.”

Four Audi drivers – Mattias Ekström (172 points), René Rast (151), Jamie Green (137) and Mike Rockenfeller (134) – are heading a standings. Only BMW motorist Marco Wittmann (134) and Mercedes-Benz motorist Lucas Auer (131) are means to plea Audi for a title. In a manufacturers’ standings, Audi is 166 points forward of Mercedes-Benz and 213 points forward of BMW. In a teams’ standings, Audi Sport Team Rosberg is in a tip spot, trailed in second place by Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline.