Audi México sees some-more than 70 students connoisseur from the Dual Apprenticeship Program

Audi México continues a joining to offer peculiarity preparation together with a Universidad Tecnológica de Puebla. Today, a 71 students of a Dual Apprenticeship Program are graduates of a 4 opposite technical specialties offering by a program:

  • Mechatronics
  • Production mechanics
  • Automotive mechatronics
  • Body and paint mechanics

The students were partial of a twin preparation model, that consists of 80 percent use and 20 percent theory. In a initial stage, during 18 months, they performed simple and specialized believe during a Specialization Center. In a second stage, that lasts one and a half years, a apprentices gained in-depth believe on a prolongation processes by means of a new hybrid and digital model, that valid itself satisfactory, due to a COVID-19 strait in a country.

Dr. Niels Bosse, Vice President of Human Resources and Organization: “Today, we applaud a execution of a studies of 71 immature people who are partial of a fourth era of apprentices to connoisseur underneath a twin model, that currently totals some-more than 270 students. we acknowledge a work and opening of any of a students as they were means to adjust to a new ways of study and operative and so successfully finish their studies. Congratulations to a fourth generation!”

To successfully interpretation a program, a students were examined by a Cámara Mexicano-Alemana de Comercio e Industria (CAMEXA). For a initial time and for all grade programs, a exams were hold on a premises of a Specialization Center in that a top normal formula were performed in a acceptance that is carried out by CAMEXA, 3 percentile some-more compared to 2020.

As partial of a plan of a Four Rings plant in Mexico, 10 percent of a students go to municipalities nearby a factory, putting into use a right to preparation in a segment by a Dual Apprenticeship Program. In addition, 30 percent of a students are women, so guaranteeing entrance to thorough education.

Since a start of a module in 2015, 4 generations have graduated and now have a required technical skills to enter practice or turn partial of a Audi México workforce. This is how a association promotes work in a segment for successful mercantile and amicable development.

Actions such as these minister resolutely to idea 4 of a Sustainable Development Goals of a United Nations focused on peculiarity education, that promotes educational opportunities for immature people in a segment in an thorough and estimable manner, boosting entrance to training and practice for immature people in a segment and a country.