Audi México is famous as a series one automotive association in a Universum ranking

Universum, a association famous globally for a statistics, interviewed 50,583 students from 165 universities opposite Mexico with a aim of fixing a many appealing employers in Mexico in 2021. In a annual report, it suggested that Audi México stays among a tip positions in terms of lure for posterior a career in several branches once university studies have been completed.

The consult information uncover transparent formula in terms of employability aspirations, as training for veteran development, pursuit fortitude and good references for destiny career growth are a aspects many valued by a subsequent era of employees.

Dr. Niels Bosse, Vice President of Human Resources and Organization: “Audi México celebrates a Universum ranking result. After a severe year in 2020, a Audi plant in San José Chiapa remained during a tip of a list in terms of lure for students. we would like to appreciate a students interviewed who cruise a plant to be a suitable place to rise professionally. Audi México knows that a destiny is an opinion and a new generations of immature people are a destiny of a plant.”

The Universum ranking survey, carried out between a months of Nov 2020 and Apr 2021, mentions that a Audi México plant is a benchmark for university students, ensuring that it is a association in that status and success in a marketplace and creation mount out.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1989, Universum works annually with over 2000 universities in 50 markets globally. Part of a plan is to accumulate a aspirations of students and professionals to advise employers on how to attract new talent that fits their enlightenment and purpose.

Audi México continues to work on a continual basement with a aim of achieving a suitable operative sourroundings for all employees. Continuing to foster veteran life within a plant, as good as attracting a right talent and providing them with a required collection for extensive development, are partial of a priorities that a Audi plant in a State of Puebla has with a new generations.