Audi launches Virtual Reality record in dealerships

“With a VR knowledge we have grown a bone-fide sales apparatus for Audi dealers. It offers a business some-more information and certainty when creation their purchasing decision, as good as a special fad factor,” says Nils Wollny, Head of Digital Business Strategy/Customer Experience during AUDI AG. “With this, we are holding a subsequent step in a plan to mix digital creation with a strengths of a bricks-and-mortar dealership.”

Digital technologies like a VR headset concede dealers for a initial time to benefaction a whole Audi indication range, including all apparatus options, during a patron dialogue. Originating during Audi City, a digital salon judgment for downtown locations, a code is bringing a accumulation of digital solutions to dealerships via a markets. More than 400 “Customer Private Lounges” – a digitalized consulting apartment – are already in use, and additional locations entrance soon. The new VR knowledge adds to a dealer’s digital toolbox.

With a VR headset, impending buyers can configure their particular dream automobile and try even a smallest sum from an intensely picturesque perspective, selecting from several hundred million probable models and apparatus variants. The VR focus allows users to turn totally enthralled in a practical world, conveying an all-encompassing, minute picture before to a squeeze decision. The configured Audi is gifted in 3 dimensions and 360 degrees, with all light and sound effects. Various environments, times of day, and light conditions also minister to a true-to-life practical knowledge of sitting in a car. The interior can also be celebrated from each perspective, down to a aspect of a musical inlays, depending on a position relations to a practical light source.

The cognisance by a Audi VR knowledge is formed on a construction information of a Audi models. An “x-ray vision” can therefore concede tech-savvy users to also take a demeanour underneath a aspect of a car, into a structure of a technical components. Future VR program upgrades will also offer demo facilities about Audi innovations that can be tested usually to a singular border during a genuine exam expostulate – such as opposite light technologies during night and in bad visibility.

In addition, a VR headset offers business a possibility to knowledge special Audi moments – an expectancy that some-more and some-more business associate with shopping a car. Racing fans can, for instance, douse themselves probably in a atmosphere of a Le Mans 24 Hours race: suggestive of Audi victories during this iconic continuation race, a patron gets an up-close knowledge during a array stop alongside a organisation of mechanics. 

In many markets, dealerships will run a VR focus on a Oculus Rift headset from Audi’s primary plan partner Oculus. To concede a formidable information models to be processed for practical reality, Audi worked with a vital cognisance partner Zerolight to rise an generally high-performance graphics engine. The Audi VR knowledge was introduced for a initial time in a beta chronicle for exam operation in 2015 during comparison dealers in Brazil and Germany. Feedback from business and dealers has enriched a serve growth of a system.

Virtual existence is used by Audi in countless areas of a association – from sales and technical growth to automotive production. For example, a association uses VR headsets to sight logistics employees for their assignments during a worldwide prolongation plants of a 4 rings.