Audi is “Best Employer” in 2014

Thomas Sigi, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Human Resources (midst), receives the “best employer”- award 2014 at the prize-giving event in Berlin. Daniel Goffart (right), head of FOCUS bureau Berlin, and Jörg Quoos, editor in chief of FOCUS Magazine (left) handed the award over. 19,000 employees have voted: Audi as Germany’s “Best Employer.” The automobile manufacturer is the winner of the employee poll carried out by the news magazine FOCUS in both the overall ranking and the category “Automotive/Large Companies.” Together with the social network Xing, FOCUS carried out the poll to identify the top employers amongst 2,000 companies in 22 industries. The feature with the most weighting was the willingness of employees to recommend their employer.

Audi achieved a double victory in the FOCUS study, taking first place in both the overall ranking and amongst the large companies of the German automotive industry. In the overall ranking list, Audi is followed by Airbus and BMW in second and third place respectively, while BMW and Volkswagen are placed second and third in the industry ranking.

“These two awards make us very proud. With their excellent evaluations, our employees confirm our corporate goal of being the world’s most attractive employer,” stated Thomas Sigi, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Human Resources at the prize-giving event in Berlin yesterday evening. “Above all, they recommend Audi as an employer to potential applicants. For us, that’s a great possibility to convince the best skilled workers of our qualities and also an incentive to offer an increasingly attractive working environment.” This includes not only being well paid, but also having tailored development possibilities, flexible working arrangements and versatile childcare facilities for families, continued Sigi.  

In their joint poll carried out with the employer portal, FOCUS and Xing inquired above all about the criteria that distinguish a good employer, which include working times, workplace, salary, and development possibilities within a company. However, the most weighting was placed on employees’ personal recommendations: In this category, recommendations for one’s own employer or for other companies were possible.  

“Our double victory shows that we have gained recognition for our qualities as an employer also beyond our own industry,” stated Thomas Sigi. “We are attractive due to the exciting work we offer in innovative areas and due to the successful growth path of the Audi Group.” The extent of the brand’s attractiveness is also proven by the number of applications received by Audi last year. In 2013 alone, more than 100,000 people applied to work for Audi in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. 

In order to gain new skilled workers, the company has for a long time made specific use of its employees’ willingness to recommend the company as an employer. In the personnel marketing campaigns “Magic Moments” and the current “Working at Audi” Audi employees explain their own personal reasons that made them decide in favor of the company. The success is proof of Audi’s attractiveness: In the Queb Award in 2013, the company reached a top position with its “Working at Audi” campaign in the category “Excellence Employer Branding Campaign.”