Audi increases sales in September

AUDI AG continued to grow in September: With around 170,900 cars, a association increasing a deliveries worldwide by 6.8 percent. Sales in a Americas rose by 11.9 percent, while a brand’s business in Europe increasing by 8.8 percent. Thanks also to a clever start of a new Audi Q7, a 4 rings saw a best-ever Sep sales in association story in Europe with roughly 80,000 units. Since a start of a year, a tellurian sales of a Ingolstadt-based association have increasing by 3.8 percent opposite all models to around 1,347,950 units.

“In light of a formidable marketplace conditions in critical regions, we perspective a sales opening in a third entertain positively. Our expansion in Europe demonstrates that new models are generating additional volume,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales and Marketing during AUDI AG. In Sep alone, Audi managed to boost total deliveries of a new Audi Q7 and a new Audi TT by around 4,900 units compared with a same month final year. By a center of subsequent year, a association intends to launch another 15 new or updated models in a tellurian markets. “That will serve boost a sales.”

In further to a Audi Q7, whose sales some-more than doubled (+171.0%) in Europe in September, a A7 and A8 full-size models also achieved positively. Across all European markets they accounted for total expansion of 14.1 percent. Audi achieved a top comprehensive marketplace expansion in a segment in a United Kingdom: In a traditionally clever sales month of September, deliveries increasing by 9.7 percent to 28,778 units. As such, Audi posted a 33rd record-breaking month in a quarrel in a United Kingdom, offered even some-more cars than in a German marketplace (+0% to 21,710 units). Since a start of a year, direct in a United Kingdom for a models from a Ingolstadt-based carmaker has increasing by 5.3 percent to 133,570 units.

In Italy (+37% to 5,018 units), France (+13.1% to 4,871 units) and Spain (+30.2% to 3,224 units), a association increasing a sales by a transparent double-digit domain in a past month. During a initial 9 months, Audi delivered around 612,650 cars to business in Europe – an boost of 3.8 percent. Strong direct for a Q7 also had an impact on Audi sales in Russia. Here, a carmaker managed to boost a deliveries again for a initial time this year, with sales adult 2 percent to 2,607 units.

The markets also achieved definitely in a Asia-Pacific region in September: In Australia (+25.6% to 2,048 units) and South Korea (+27.3% to 2,993 cars) Audi available high double-digit growth. In China, a sales total of a 4 rings increasing by 2.9 percent to 53,095 cars delivered. In a initial 9 months of a year, deliveries totaled 414,411 units, somewhat down on a figure from a same duration final year (-0.3%).

In a Americas, a association managed to build on a success of a prior months, achieving an boost of 11.9 percent with around 23,200 cars sold. Business in Brazil (+23.4% to 1,501 units) and a United States (+16.2% to 17,340 cars) in sole was really pleasing. The bestseller of Audi of America, a Audi Q5, outperformed a deliveries from a prior-year month by some-more than 58.9 percent (to 5,149 units). In a year to date, Audi has sole 12.5 percent some-more cars in a United States than in a same duration of 2014, delivering 147,403 units.