Audi Hungaria: “smart logistics” with driverless ride system

“Audi Hungaria is a world’s largest engine manufacturer and a executive engine retailer of many brands of a Volkswagen Group. This means that we are always compulsory to use state-of-the-art technology. That is because we are operative to boost a potency and optimize a processes. In further to “smart” solutions used in production, we are also operative on introducing digital solutions in a margin of logistics. Automation of a logistics processes is an critical step in this area, that contributes to augmenting a potency and boosting a competitiveness”, pronounced Robert Buttenhauser, Member of a Board of Management obliged for engine prolongation during AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt.

The latest step in automating logistics processes is formed on 6 driverless ride systems versed with state-of-the-art navigation record and reserve features. During their tour of some-more than 1,000 metres, a ride systems stop during 57 stations in opposite areas of a prolongation hall, 50 of that are located right subsequent to a prolongation line. In a singular journey, FTFs can lift tools weighing adult to 5,000 kilograms for a prolongation of four-cylinder petrol engines. On a approach back, they ride wrapping materials behind to a logistics area. Transport systems are guided by laser navigation upheld by contemplative surfaces commissioned on objects along a FTF’s route, such as shelves, walls, and columns. Laser navigation allows for positioning of driverless systems during predefined stations with millimetre-level accuracy.

Audi Hungaria has been enlivening a introduction of digital solutions for years —not usually in prolongation areas, though also in logistics processes. The association uses a sum of 60 driverless ride vehicles in several areas of engine production, for instance in a prolongation of electric drives but prolongation lines, where driverless ride systems exclusively ride components of electric drives to particular workstations.