Audi Hungaria celebrates 20 years of Technical Development and gives a glimpse into the future

“Our Technical Development is a key pillar of Audi Hungaria and, at the same time, also plays a central role in the worldwide development network of the Audi and Volkswagen Groups. Our aim is to provide even more high-quality services to Volkswagen Group, which is why we are constantly expanding our competences and intensively developing this innovative field that holds such key significance for the future. Electromobility is a key priority for us, as this service portfolio will allow us to further strengthen our competitiveness,” said Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria.

The Technical Development unit was added to Audi Hungaria in 2001, during a major growth phase of the company, with engine development supplemented by vehicle development in Győr in 2012. Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development is today AUDI AG’s third-largest development hub and also the centre of competence for simulation and acoustic and strength analysis testing. Uniquely for the company, the entire spectrum of production, development, quality assurance and vehicle assembly is located on a single site.

Technical Development has more than 500 highly-skilled experts working day after day on the mobility solutions of tomorrow. Powertrain Development executes comprehensive development projects, from simulation and design to the testing of vehicle drivetrains on the test bench. An additional core task of the business area is to support the serial production of various petrol and diesel engines and electric drives from the development side. Vehicle Development deals with the virtual development of system and vehicle properties using numerical simulation. The focus of development is on the areas of strength analysis, acoustics, temperature conditions and energy management. In addition, development services in the areas of engine and vehicle testing, product data management and technical compliance in the Vehicle Development testing laboratory are also a key part of the Győr competence portfolio.

In the two years ahead, Audi Hungaria will be spending a double-digit EUR million amount (billions of HUF) on Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development unit. The investment project focuses on the further development of electromobility and digitalisation, for instance, by commissioning state-of-the-art test equipment for high-performance electric motors and drives.