Audi Hungaria celebrates 20 years of Technical Development and gives a glance into a future

“Our Technical Development is a pivotal post of Audi Hungaria and, during a same time, also plays a executive purpose in a worldwide expansion network of a Audi and Volkswagen Groups. Our aim is to yield even some-more high-quality services to Volkswagen Group, that is because we are constantly expanding a competences and intensively building this innovative margin that binds such pivotal stress for a future. Electromobility is a pivotal priority for us, as this use portfolio will concede us to serve strengthen a competitiveness,” pronounced Alfons Dintner, Chairman of a Board of Management of Audi Hungaria.

The Technical Development section was combined to Audi Hungaria in 2001, during a vital expansion proviso of a company, with engine expansion supplemented by car expansion in Győr in 2012. Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development is currently AUDI AG’s third-largest expansion heart and also a centre of cunning for make-believe and acoustic and strength research testing. Uniquely for a company, a whole spectrum of production, development, peculiarity declaration and car public is located on a singular site.

Technical Development has some-more than 500 highly-skilled experts operative day after day on a mobility solutions of tomorrow. Powertrain Development executes extensive expansion projects, from make-believe and pattern to a contrast of car drivetrains on a exam bench. An additional core charge of a business area is to support a sequence prolongation of several petrol and diesel engines and electric drives from a expansion side. Vehicle Development deals with a practical expansion of complement and car properties regulating numerical simulation. The concentration of expansion is on a areas of strength analysis, acoustics, heat conditions and appetite management. In addition, expansion services in a areas of engine and car testing, product information government and technical correspondence in a Vehicle Development contrast laboratory are also a pivotal partial of a Győr cunning portfolio.

In a dual years ahead, Audi Hungaria will be spending a double-digit EUR million volume (billions of HUF) on Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development unit. The investment plan focuses on a serve expansion of electromobility and digitalisation, for instance, by commissioning state-of-the-art exam apparatus for high-performance electric motors and drives.