Audi honors intentional engagement: EUR 29,000 for informal facilities

The 2019 Teamgeist debate is partial of a “Audi Volunteers” beginning and is holding place for a second time, carrying started in 2018. “We foster and support a employees’ proffer work and therefore also a amicable and non-profit organizations in a region. This is partial of a sustainability plan and contributes to fulfilling a amicable shortcoming during a locations,” says Dr. Ute Röding, conduct of a Corporate Citizenship dialect during Audi. Beyond a Teamgeist campaign, departments during Audi can get actively concerned in intentional amicable projects in a segment as partial of organisation campaigns or proffer days. General Works Council Chairman Peter Mosch confirms: “Social impasse is one of a cornerstones of a coexistence and in times of amicable multiplication in particular, it is some-more critical than ever. The proffer work a Audi employees do deserves a biggest recognition, and we am gay that we can support this joining during Audi.”

All Audi employees were invited to request on interest of their classification by submitting a brief video illustrating a means to that they are committed and explaining because and for what their classification could use a donation. A jury evaluated a 18 video applications according to a criteria of passion, creativity, and organisation spirit. Seven organizations perceived a limit concession sum of EUR 2,500, including a children’s grief organisation during a hospice classification in Ingolstadt. Madlen Prechtl from a hospice classification expresses her interjection on interest of a hospice classification with a following words: “We are impossibly beholden to Audi for ancillary us in a proffer work. This gives us a event to put a concentration on a banned topics of genocide and grief in a society. After all, genocide mostly pushes itself into a lives but being asked.”

Corporate Citizenship during Audi

As a good corporate citizen, Audi takes amicable shortcoming during a prolongation locations, both internationally and in sold during a German locations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. For example, a automotive code with a 4 rings supports informal amicable projects and non-profit organizations with donations or in a form of countless organisation campaigns as partial of their “Audi Volunteers” initiative, such as a Audi Volunteer Days in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. In addition, Audi offers a employees countless possibilities for progressing a healthy change between work and family life: from unchanging and stretchable child caring all a approach to vacation programs. To do this, a automotive manufacturer cooperates with several informal sponsors. The association also supports a employees when they take caring of relatives, for instance by putting them in hold with hit persons and caregiver conversing services and assisting them to find a place in a nursing home.

These organizations and comforts perceived donations of EUR 2,500:

  • Crisis involvement organisation of a Bavarian Red Cross Ingolstadt
  • FC Gelbelsee e.V.
  • Förderverein Sir-William-Herschel Mittelschule Ingolstadt e.V.
  • Förderverein Fußballnachwuchs Hitzhofen-Oberzell e.V.
  • Hospizverein Ingolstadt e.V. children’s grief group
  • TSV 1957 Ingolstadt-Unsernherrn e.V.
  • TSV Egweil e.V.

Further donations were presented to:

  • DAV Sektion Ringsee e.V.
  • FC Grün-Weiß Ingolstadt e.V.
  • Martinschützen Westerhofen e.V.
  • MTV 1881 Ingolstadt e.V.
  • SC 1898 Tauberfeld e.V.
  • Marksmen’s bar Hubertus Gaimersheim e.V.
  • Sport-Club-Irgertsheim e.V.
  • SV Ingolstadt-Hundszell
  • TSV Gaimersheim 1908 e.V., cheerleading division
  • TSV Gaimersheim 1908 e.V., sport division
  • TSV Gaimersheim 1908 e.V., gymnastics division