Audi expands polymer 3D copy in Production

The consultant group during a startup/analysis core has already resolutely determined polymer 3D copy in a craft-scale R8 bureau during a Bölllinger Höfe. They rise ideas for new or optimized collection in tighten partnership with their colleagues on a prolongation line. The group underneath plan manager Waldemar Hirsch pattern a collection on site and imitation them on a 3D printer. During a one-week seminar final December, a consultant group trialled a use of this fast, available use for volume prolongation in a factory. They identified several hundred applications where printed auxiliary collection offer estimable assets potential.

“By substantiating a apart dilettante dialect for 3D printing, we are professionalizing this already successful project. Even some-more employees will be means to advantage from a gifted consultant group and a tradition auxiliary collection in a future,” pronounced Helmut Stettner, a Neckarsulm plant manager. But Audi is also regulating a plan to actively expostulate informative change. The employees on a prolongation line are directly concerned in a growth routine for a 3D-printed tools.

Hirsch gives tip priority to focusing on a employees and their needs. “When conceptualizing a prototype, it is really critical to us that we perform a colleagues’ wishes exactly,” he said. “Our idea is to yield a Audi colleagues a 3D-printed apparatus as fast as possible, so ancillary them in their daily work.”

The routine is another building retard in a company’s digital transformation. For Audi it outlines an critical step in a expansion of prolongation into a complicated intelligent factory. The use of a unconventional record enhances coherence and potency in further to enabling a products to be customized as suggested by a employees. “The preference to settle a new dialect supports a origination of a cross-site network. Ultimately a whole Volkswagen Group will advantage from a imagination in Neckarsulm,” pronounced Stettner.

Learn how a Audi 3D imitation experts work and how many innovations from a 3D printer are put into use each week.