Audi Environmental Foundation honors immature thinker for Master’s topic on doing meridian change

Dayana Ramirez Gutierrez wrote her master’s topic as partial of a EU investigate plan “PHUSICOS.” The plan examines a growth and acceptance of nature-based solutions involving healthy resources for bettering to meridian change in Europe’s farming areas. Ms. Gutierrez addressed a doubt as to how a believe of several stakeholders can be bundled and utilized. The aim is to incorporate a believe of a segment hold by internal residents, experts, and other stakeholders into a routine of moulding a sourroundings and to thereby safeguard a aloft turn of acceptance. The immature Columbian also highlights a hurdles that arise when involving several stakeholders in environmentally applicable decision-making-processes. Living laboratories in a commander regions in Norway, a Pyrenees, Italy, Austria, and Germany use a fanciful grounds determined by Gutierrez to co-design their meridian insurance solutions.

The Audi Environmental Foundation has been ancillary immature scientists whose ideas make profitable contributions to resources government given 2009. “Dayana Gutierrez takes a detailed and artistic proceed to addressing a problem that concerns us all. By indicating out how internal residents contingency be approached and concerned in sequence to exercise nature-based solutions, she creates a basement for building petrify programs,” says Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of a Audi Environmental Foundation.