Audi e-tron Charging Service: New cost indication and some-more auspicious conditions during IONITY

The e-tron Charging Service is partial of a broad-based charity for charging from Audi and now provides entrance to a open charging infrastructure in 24 European countries. Audi’s exclusive charging label brings together some-more than 135,000 charging points operated by some-more than 400 opposite general providers. Along a highway, Audi’s exclusive charging label allows e-tron business to assign their cars during a High Power Charging terminals of a IONITY network during special rates with a movement rate. There, a patron will compensate usually for a volume of appetite indeed drawn in future. The cost of 31 cents per kilowatt hour corresponds to a normal cost turn for a charging routine during a private home. At a same time, a appetite comes from renewable sources, that is a pivotal member of tolerable and environmentally accessible mobility. Additional High Power Charging (HPC) points operated by other providers turn off a e-tron Charging Service for long-distance journeys.

Freedom to choose: Two rates

To cover particular charging needs, a e-tron Charging Service offers dual opposite rates. The city rate is directed essentially during civic commuters and is accessible for a simple cost of €4.95 per month. For any charging process, business afterwards compensate €7.95 for AC charging (up to 22 kW) and €9.95 for DC charging (up to 50 kW), regardless of a charging generation and how most appetite is drawn. Due to a high series of existent charging terminals that do not nonetheless capacitate consumption-based billing in correspondence with calibration laws, this event cost guarantees that business can use a vast series of charging points during pure prices. 

For drivers who frequently transport long-distance, Audi recommends a movement rate. This costs €17.95 per month, nonetheless a one-year waiver of a simple cost is postulated for owners of a new Audi e-tron**. With a movement rate during 31 cents per kWh, business advantage not usually from improved entrance conditions with IONITY though above all from aloft charging capacities and brief charging durations. There, a Audi e-tron charges with an outlay of adult to 150 kW and is therefore prepared for a subsequent leg of a long-distance outing in around half an hour.

*Prices stream for a German market; smallest term: 12 months.

Freedom to travel: Standardized prices abroad too

Standardized, country-specific prices meant that we can transport openly and simply but carrying to constantly review prices. Customers can also assign their cars abroad in – to date – 24 European countries with a contract. Audi business will always compensate a customary cost (based on charging speed) in whatever nation they are in – and but any additional roaming costs. Thus, a patron roving in a unfamiliar nation can assign their automobile during accurately a same cost as a internal user. 

myAudi app: Easy to use

The myAudi app or Audi navigation complement can assistance we to locate a nearest charging station. In further to formulation your track and activating a charging points that it finds, a myAudi app can also tell we either or not a charging depot is now accessible for use. You can start a charging routine regulating your Audi charging label or a myAudi app. Identification and billing are achieved automatically in a background. The app also displays a stream assign standing of your car.

Contract: Easy and transparent  

To use a e-tron Charging Service, business need to register once on a myAudi portal and interpretation an particular charging contract. If necessary, your internal Audi partner can assistance we to activate your contract. All charging processes are automatically billed together during a finish of a month. You can use a myAudi portal or myAudi app to perspective your charging story and bills as good as conduct your agreement arrangements. 

The network coverage of a e-tron Charging Service is constantly growing. For some-more information about a network and country-specific marketplace prices, visit

Fuel expenditure of a models listed
(Information on fuel/power expenditure and CO2 emissions in ranges depending on a selected apparatus turn of a car.)

Audi e-tron 
Combined electric energy expenditure in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi): 26.6 – 22.4 (WLTP); 24.3 – 21.0 (NEFZ); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0