Audi motorist Loïc Duval: “A superb moment”

At Zandvoort, we distinguished your initial lectern finish in a DTM. Did we comprehend that we were in such a good position during a race?
Loïc Duval: “To be honest, no we didn’t. After a diseased subordinate we had started from 13th on a grid. Then, after many of my opponents pitted early, we had a transparent lane and gathering a sincerely waste race.”

In path 14 we took a lead after your teammate Mike Rockenfeller headed to a pit.
“That was a unequivocally good feeling, though we knew that Marco Wittman and Mike still remained in a ‘virtual’ lead. They afterwards began to slight a opening to me some-more and more, eventually throwing me adult shortly before my pit-stop.”

After a stop, we remained in third place. Did we know during this indicate that we were in a position to get your initial DTM podium?
“No, not during all. In a cockpit we are shown all of a positions, though we was so certain that we had depressed behind down a margin that we didn’t even compensate courtesy to a display. It was usually when we crossed a finish line that my competition operative Mathieu (Le Nail) shouted a good news over a radio.”

It was your initial DTM lectern in your initial DTM season. How did it feel to mount adult there?
“I have driven for Audi Sport given 2012 and have distinguished a lot of success in a WEC. But to expostulate to a lectern as a rookie in a new racing array was something unequivocally special – a superb impulse for me. Not slightest since we was means to applaud it together with ‘Rocky’ as well.”