Audi motorist Filipe Albuquerque in fervent expectation of WEC

Albuquerque competed for Audi in a DTM for 3 years and has clinched a difficulty feat in a Daytona 24 Hours in a Audi R8 GRAND-AM GT sports car. Since final winter he has been familiarizing himself with Audi’s third motorsport program. In a apex eventuality of a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) season, a Le Mans 24 Hours, Albuquerque will be pity a cockpit of a R18 e-tron quattro with Marco Bonanomi (Italy) and Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain).

Even before Filipe Albuquerque climbs into his #3 Audi R18 e-tron quattro his new charge requires him to concentration on opposite demands. “I altered my aptness training. Now I’m repeating specific exercises some-more frequently in sequence to some-more intensively sight my muscles,” says a 28-year-old veteran competition driver. “The together superintendence army are many aloft in a LMP competition automobile since we’ve got some-more downforce and are using with aloft cornering speeds. Strong neck muscles and good earthy fortitude are prerequisites for this.”

Good physique control is also compulsory when removing in and out of a automobile to safeguard exquisite motorist changes though detriment of time. After climbing into a cockpit, a motorist finds himself surrounded by a formidable workplace. “I initial schooled 37 switches and their functions – that’s a lot some-more than in a DTM cockpit,” he says, sketch a comparison between a cars.

While a regulations levy despotic boundary on technical growth in a DTM, sports prototypes are regarded as a difficulty that offers a biggest leisure in terms of record and one of a many modernized classes in worldwide veteran racing. “We’re operative together with a many incomparable series of engineers here since a R18 e-tron quattro is unequivocally complex,” explains Albuquerque. “Audi has good prepared me for this task.”

When Filipe Albuquerque competes in a R18 e-tron quattro, pushing this competition automobile significantly differs from anything he is used to. “The TDI power-plant is intensely still and a engine speed turn many reduce than with a gasoline unit,” says a Portuguese. “And a whole hybrid expostulate with a absolute torque assists us unequivocally good in overtaking maneuvers.”

By contrast, a on-track conflict between opposite competition automobile categories is not totally new for Albuquerque. “It’s loyal that there’s usually one difficulty in a DTM though I’ve formerly won a GT difficulty in a Daytona 24 Hours with Audi, where we were pushing a GT competition cars in a same margin as a prototypes. In a WEC, 4 classes are on a grid,” says Albuquerque. “That’s because we roughly never locate a transparent lap. With an LMP1 competition automobile like a R18 e-tron quattro we’re a fastest difficulty in a field. We need to be on ensure all a time and adjust a line also to a slower cars that we’ve got to avoid. To use and ceaselessly urge such reflexes, Albuquerque, in a together joining to a WEC, also competes for a highwayman group Jota Sport in a European Le Mans Series this year.

Team-mates are a essential success cause in continuation racing. With Marco Bonanomi Albuquerque finished a 2010 Italian GT Championship as a runners-up for Audi Sport Italia and with Oliver Jarvis he common a cockpit on clinching success during Daytona. “Together, a 3 of us have to come adult with a good setup. We have a identical feel as drivers and are jointly operative on a aim of being successful during Le Mans. The rapport between us is excellent,” says Filipe Albuquerque, looking brazen to his WEC entrance during Spa on May 3.

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Every week until a Le Mans competition on Jun 14/15, we will be providing we with new credentials information on a R18 plan and Audi’s joining in a world’s many famous continuation race. Next week’s topic: preview of a second WEC competition during Spa.