Audi Demonstrating 3D Printing Expertise with In-House Design Software in Neckarsulm

With a newly designed software, there is no need for a time-consuming routine of manually sculpting models in CAD (computer-aided design) programs, that creates workflows faster as a result. Using a new complement cuts pattern time for collection by 80%. “Our program creates a routine of formulating pre-assembly fixtures roughly totally automated. That allows us to make a required collection fast and flexibly and to respond to specific requests from a planners or a colleagues on a public line,” explains plan manager Waldemar Hirsch, who is a conduct of a group of experts in 3D copy during a Ramp-Up and Analysis Center during Audi Böllinger Höfe. The program is calibrated precisely to Audi’s needs and is also partial of a routine of digitalizing prolongation during a site.

In a box of a Audi e-tron GT, that is set to hurl off a public line during Böllinger Höfe together with a Audi R8 starting in late 2020, a 3D copy experts are operative closely with their colleagues from a routine and public formulation and pre-series prolongation teams. They are already optimizing a public collection for a new workflows. “Collaborative pattern from an early theatre enables optimizations to be done progressing in a routine as well. This means that all a required collection will already be accessible and calibrated to a accurate mandate when prolongation of a e-tron GT begins,” says Hirsch. One of a 3D-printed collection is to be used in a pre-assembly of air-conditioning compressors and cooling lines. All components need to be aligned with any other with well-developed pointing during assembly. That has not formerly been probable though a assisting palm from a colleague. The custom-designed pre-assembly tie with an integrated clamp binds all components in accurately a right position.

The materials used are designed to accommodate a far-reaching operation of mandate and prove a many harsh standards. In serve to a unusually fast collection containing potion fiber, a 3D printer also produces ESD (electrostatic discharge) materials. These are rarely conductive and are therefore used for electrically supportive components.

Alongside a certain effects on operational processes, a growth and use of this program paint nonetheless serve vital strides in a digital mutation of a association and denote a active changes holding place opposite all kinds of prolongation comforts as they pierce toward intelligent bureau status. The browser-based program is now commissioned locally and used essentially within Audi Sport GmbH during Böllinger Höfe, though there are skeleton to hurl it out opposite a Group. The whole Volkswagen Group is already reaping a advantages of a imagination that a Neckarsulm site has to offer interjection to unchanging cross-brand communication. The pattern program is not a initial growth to come out of a 3D copy Competence Center. A program focus for intelligent government of 3D copy orders, also done in Neckarsulm, is already in use during Audi.