Audi during a biggest motorsport festival of a year

In a 24-hour race, Audi will be competing with a motorist patrol that is proven of winning and intensely gifted teams. With Christopher Haase, Kelvin outpost der Linde, Christopher Mies, Nico Müller, René Rast, Frank Stippler, Dries Vanthoor, Frédéric Vervisch and Markus Winkelhock, no reduction than 9 of a twelve drivers in a 3 Audi Sport patron racing cockpits are former altogether winners of this competition – Rast also brings 3 DTM titles with him. Mattia Drudi, Robin Frijns and Patric Niederhauser finish this line-up. The prize cabinets of a 3 teams are also good filled: Phoenix Racing has already won a classical 3 times with Audi and dual some-more times before that, Land-Motorsport was winning in 2017, and Car Collection Motorsport was third in a Eifel in 2019 and second in 2020.

Five some-more secretly entered GT sports cars finish a choice of a 4 rings. Phoenix Racing is fielding dual R8 LMS cars. Audi Sport motorist Dennis Marschall, among others, will be in a cockpit of a series 5 automobile competing for a Pro-Am classification, while Audi Sport motorist Frank Stippler will additionally be on a grid in a series 11 car. Similarly, Patric Niederhauser will be pushing a second competition automobile from Car Collection Motorsport in a Pro-Am class. In addition, Peter Schmidt’s group will move another R8 LMS to a grid. All these competition cars will be competing in GT3 specification.

Last year, a Giti Tire Motorsport by WS Racing group won a SP8 category for a initial time with an Audi R8 LMS GT4. This year, a black and yellow competition automobile with a series 53 starts in a special project: With a gifted womanlike continuation drivers Carrie Schreiner and Célia Martin as good as a former Indy Car motorist Pippa Mann and a two-time IMSA champion Christina Nielsen, 4 ladies share a work in a cockpit. Likewise, a whole rest of a group is female, from a mechanics to a group management.

They are all energetically available a start of a competition on Jun 5 during 3:30 pm. The TV hire RTL Nitro will promote a competition in full, and there will also be a livestream from a organizers. On a amicable media channels, Audi Sport will be focusing a coverage on several aspects of a competition so that fans from home can douse themselves in a racing universe again this year.

Audi during a Nürburgring

WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup 2021

Audi RS 3 LMS #16 (Comtoyou Team Audi Sport), Gilles Magnus (B)

Audi RS 3 LMS #17 (Comtoyou DHL Team Audi Sport), Nathanaël Berthon (F)

Audi RS 3 LMS #22 (Comtoyou Team Audi Sport), Frédéric Vervisch (B)

Audi RS 3 LMS #32 (Comtoyou DHL Team Audi Sport), Tom Coronel (NL)

Nürburgring 24 Hours 2021

Audi R8 LMS #2 (Audi Sport Team Car Collection),
Christopher Haase/Nico Müller/Patric Niederhauser/Markus Winkelhock (D/CH/CH/D)

Audi R8 LMS #15 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix), 
Mattia Drudi/Robin Frijns/Frank Stippler/Dries Vanthoor (I/NL/D/B)

Audi R8 LMS #29 (Audi Sport Team Land),
Kelvin outpost der Linde/Christopher Mies/René Rast/Frédéric Vervisch (ZA/D/D/B)

Audi R8 LMS #5 (Phoenix Racing),
Max Hofer/Vincent Kolb/Dennis Marschall/Jan Erik Slooten (A/D/D/D)

Audi R8 LMS #11 (Phoenix Racing),
Michele Beretta/Kim-Luis Schramm/Frank Stippler/Nicki Thiim (I/D/D/DK) 

Audi R8 LMS #12 (Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport),
Jean-Louis Hertenstein/Klaus Koch/Fidel Leib/Johannes Stengel (CH/D/D/D)

Audi R8 LMS #24 (Lionspeed by Car Collection Motorsport),
Milan Dontje/Patrick Kolb/Patric Niederhauser/Lorenzo Rocco di Torrepadula (NL/D/CH/I)

Audi R8 LMS #53 (Giti Tire Motorsport by WS Racing),
Pippa Mann/Célia Martin/Christina Nielsen/Carrie Schreiner (GB/F/DK/D)

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