Audi apprentices have a heart for insects

With self-built insect hotels, a apprentices of Neckarsulm are mixing educational calm with environmental protection. The 17 apprentices for bodywork and automotive construction mechanics built insect hotels that have been placed in 15 locations inside a plant and in dual locations outward a plant blockade given March.

The concentration when building a insect hotels was on ensuring a fast foundation, a weatherproof roof and a “heart” of a structure – a wooden core. The trainees also focused on farrago when drilling a holes: a operation of hole diameters yield safety for several forms of insects. The tree slices for a insect hotels are done of informal ash and come from a timberland of tutor Michael Friederich.

But a impasse of a immature Audi apprentices doesn’t finish with building a hotels: they will continue to guard them via their apprenticeships and will request their colonization. New holes will be drilled depending on a occupancy of a several boreholes. “Our apprentices and a sourroundings advantage equally from a project. That creates a insect hotels a win-win for everyone,” Friederich said, summing adult a project.

“Habitats for plants and insects are apropos increasingly wanting in many regions of a world. This neophyte plan is an critical approach to assistance safety biodiversity during a site,” pronounced Achim Diehlmann, Head of Plant Environmental Protection and Project Manager of a Audi “Mission Zero” environmental program.

In further to insects, other class are already anticipating a home during a Neckarsulm site: there are special nesting sites on a drift for swifts, swallows and hawks, among others. Audi Neckarsulm is committed to preserving biodiversity with these measures as partial of a cross-site “Mission Zero” environmental program. AUDI AG assimilated a “Biodiversity in Good Company” beginning in 2015 and has committed to examining a impact of a business activities on biodiversity as good as to incorporating protecting measures into a environmental government system. In further to biodiversity, a environmental module addresses decarbonization, H2O use, and apparatus potency in prolongation and logistics. A pivotal design is to grasp carbon-neutral sites by 2025.