Audi and EKS with clever starting bottom during Estering

Last year, Ekström became a drivers’ universe champion early during a Estering. “My memories of 2016 are still really many present,” says a Swede. “That’s when a dream came true. The World RX pretension in annoy of fifth place in a final – incredible!” A feat with a family tradition. His father, Bengt, triumphed in a 1990 European Rallycross Championship during a Estering.

The tradition-steeped lane nearby Hamburg facilities one of a many fantastic corners on a whole rallycross calendar. The slight Turn 1 on a short, 952-meter lane separates a wheat from a deride and keeps delivering fantastic maneuvers. Like in a 2016 final when Kevin Eriksson from position 5 upheld a margin to take a tip spot. The following sections are noted by full-throttle ones in that overtaking though mistakes by rivals is near-impossible. That is because a ideal start and a right strategy on a Joker path are all a some-more important.

Audi and EKS have tested this year during a Estering, so entering a competition weekend with particular self-confidence. “We’re roving to Buxtehude installed with confidence,” says Toomas Heikkinen. “The exam during a Estering supposing us with a lot of profitable information that we can now use to finish distant during a front.” His teammate, Reinis Nitišs, shares this view: “In 2016, we was cursed to spectating, though this year’ I’m going for all-out conflict again. The many new turn during Riga gave us a lot of new findings. Our smallest aim is to make it into a semi-finals of a twelve drivers with a best points scores with all Audi S1 EKS RX quattro cars.”