Audi and Cromodora: team-work for a tolerable and cost-effective circle plant

The new plant on a Greenfield site gives a partners a event to emanate tolerable processes from a really beginning. Since a finish of 2018, Audi’s CO module has followed a idea of shortening emissions in a supply sequence in partnership with a partners. In CO2 workshops, Cromodora and Audi are therefore already exchanging ideas about measures to grasp sustainability. The aim is to use immature power, delegate materials, minimized expenditure of uninformed water, and acceptance by a Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. Internal loop systems, too, are to be established, for instance to re-use rubbish element in a plant’s possess production.

For both partners it is equally critical to make prolongation rarely cost-efficient. Audi and Cromodora have therefore concluded transparent, optimized cost structures. Risks are common by a dual partners, for instance if a costs of tender materials rise. Furthermore, a new plant will accommodate a high peculiarity aims and standards of a reward manufacturer Audi.

“Through a vital team-work with Cromodora we are formulating a new form of collaboration, from that both sides benefit,” pronounced Dr. Bernd Martens, member of a house of government obliged for Procurement and IT. “The new plant is also a text instance of a ability to work economically and during a same time sustainably.” Ermanno Pedrini, CEO and Board Member, declares that Cromodora is respected about a agreement that fulfills a good work of a company’s government and staff. Such an investment will serve strengthen a partnership with Audi and it will concede to connect a efforts carried out in a existent comforts in new years.