Audi A8 wins a Euro Car Body Award

Audi has once again lifted a bar with courtesy to physique manufacturing. In a range of a 12th International Car-Body Benchmarking Conference, a Audi A8 surged forward to win a Euro Car Body Award a worlds many renowned endowment for innovations in physique manufacturing. Over 500 experts and a jury of specialists gave tip scores to Audis top-of-the-range model.

Leading body-manufacturing experts assemble once a year in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Here they plead trends as good as investigate countless physique shells and series-production vehicles before to a discussion highlight: selecting a worlds many innovative series-built body. In late October, 520 specialists from 22 countries attended this years event, orderly by a Automotive Circle International. Along with a jury of specialists, they evaluated 14 of a latest series-production vehicles. The result? The Audi A8 was not usually victorious, though also set a new record by earning 41.11 out of a probable 50 points to secure initial place with ease.

This luxury-class indication done in Neckarsulm dazzles interjection in vast partial to a stiffness/weight ratio: a attribute between torsional acerbity and a bodys weight. At a weight of only 231 kilograms (509.27 lbs), a aluminum physique is about 40 percent lighter than a allied chronicle done of steel. In addition, it weighs scarcely 30 kilograms (66.14 lbs) reduction than a predecessor; during a same time, a stiffness/weight ratio has increasing by 20 percent. As a special feature, a physique as per a Aluminum Space Frame routine utilizes bionic principles. Like a skeleton of a tellurian skeleton, all components mix optimal duty with low weight. In fact, 13 opposite grades of aluminum are used always in suitability with a elementary rule: The right element in a right place!

In further to substantial physique properties, a Euro Car Body Award recognizes pioneering concepts per processes, production, and prolongation as good as Audis expertise concerning materials record and fasten techniques. At a Precision Body-Manufacturing Shop in Neckarsulm, Audi uses several automatic and thermal fasten techniques: 1,847 punch rivets, 632 self-tapping screws, 202 mark welds, 25 MIG welds, 6 meters (19.69 ft) of laser welds, and 44 meters (144.36 ft) of connected seams safeguard that a physique is a rarely organic unit.

In addition, first-hand patron advantages play a pivotal purpose in a analysis process. The superb crash-test formula achieved by a Audi A8 as good as a cars glorious aerodynamic and acoustic properties are important. The correct judgment and a collision and extensive word rating are also considered. The models first-place finish so reflects a high peculiarity and a extensive proceed followed with honour to a growth of car bodies.

The sought-after endowment was won by an progressing era of a Audi A8 as prolonged ago as 2003. Ingolstadt also took a prize in 2006 and 2008 initial for a Audi TT and afterwards for a Audi Q5. This fourth delight creates Audi one of this fields trailblazing manufacturers.

Yet another instance of Audis body-manufacturing excellence: a first-generation A8 denounced in 1994, that was a initial oppulance sedan to underline an aluminum body. And models such as a Audi R8 Spyder, braggadocio substantial quantities of CFRP, are forward of a competition. Audi will continue enhancing these approaches and emphasizing lightweight pattern and combination construction. Last though not least, startling topics and pioneering technologies are in store.