Audi A3 is named 2014 World Car of a Year

The third era of a Audi A3 is now strictly reliable as a universe beater. It overcame a plea from 23 other cars to win a prestigious World Car of the Year pretension in 2014. The A3 was voted as a leader by an general jury row comprising 69 top‑level automotive reporters from 22 countries around a world.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, said: “The Audi A6* was a initial ever leader of this endowment and we are gay that a Audi A3 has steady that feat by being voted 2014 World Car of the Year. The Audi A3 showcases Audi’s technical cunning in all aspects of carmaking, not slightest in a areas of lightweight technology, drivetrain, mobile infotainment and motorist assistance systems. This vital endowment win is an feat that a whole association can celebrate”.

The new Audi A3 is accessible as a 3 door*, Sportback*, Cabriolet* and Sedan*. It is powered by a operation of TFSI gasoline and TDI diesel engines. The A3 Sportback can also be systematic as a g‑tron*, that can be operated regulating e‑gas generated by Audi, natural gas, or gasoline – when powered by e‑gas, a A3 Sportback g‑tron travels CO2-neutral.

Later this year, a A3 Sportback will also be accessible as an e‑tron*, whose plug‑in hybrid expostulate enables journeys of adult to 50 kilometers in all‑electric mode. Audi is charity business in Germany immature electricity – Audi energy. The auxiliary partner is a Hamburg appetite provider LichtBlick SE. The appetite all comes from renewable appetite sources and is generated exclusively during hydro-electric appetite stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Audi energy, a A3 e‑tron is totally emission-free when operated electrically.

Audi can demeanour behind on a 16‑year success story with a A3. In 1996, a initial era of a indication array determined an wholly new marketplace shred – a reward compress class. With a second generation, that followed in 2003, a code extended a lead with a serve of a Cabriolet to a informed 3 door and Sportback physique styles. The third A3 generation is accessible in 4 physique styles following a serve further of a Sedan.

With this win for a Audi A3, Audi has confirmed a position as a manufacturer with a many World Car of the Year titles. The code with a four rings has formerly won 3 World Performance Car titles, dual World Car Design of the Year titles and a initial World Car of the Year title. In sum Audi has won seven titles during a World Car of the Year Awards:
2005 Audi A6  World Car of a Year
2007 Audi RS 4 World Performance Car, Audi TT World Car Design of a Year
2008 Audi R8 World Performance Car, Audi R8 World Car Design of a Year
2010 Audi R8 V10 World Performance Car
2014 Audi A3 World Car of a Year

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi A3:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.1 – 3.2;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 165 – 85

Audi A3 Sportback:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.0 – 3.3;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 162 – 88

Audi A3 Sportback g-tron:
CNG expenditure in kg/100 km: 3.3 – 3.2;
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 5.2 – 5.0;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km (CNG): 92 – 88;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km (gasoline): 120 – 115

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 1.5;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 35

Audi A3 Cabriolet:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.1 – 4.2;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 165 – 110

Audi A3 Sedan:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 7.0 – 3.8;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 162 – 99 

Audi A6:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 9,8 – 4,4;
Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 229 – 114