Audi A1 voted top “Sensible Car”

Readers of Germanys Guter Rat consumer magazine and SUPERillu magazine have selected the Audi A1 as the number one Sensible car in the compact category.

The fact that the A1 offers the safety and comfort of larger automobile classes in a space of less than four meters (13.12 feet) was viewed by the editors of the magazines as a decisive factor in the high regard their readers have for the A1.

The Audi A1 was newly introduced to the market last year at the end of August. For Audi, the A1 represented a launch into a new class of vehicles. The A1 is 3,954 millimeters (12.97 feet) long, 1,740 millimeters (5.71 feet) wide and just 1,417 millimeters (4.65 feet) high. Its a modern car for the city, yet also a sporty all-purpose car for active everyday living. The A1s progressive design, uncompromising quality and revolutionary efficiency, among other things, set new standards in its class, making it the first premium car in the subcompact class.

More than four million readers were invited to vote for the most sensible car. Cars that were newly introduced during 2010 were eligible for the vote. In the compact segment, the A1 won out over eight other newcomers. The editor-in-chief of Guter Rat, Werner Zedler, will present the prize for the A1 today to Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Head of Marketing for Germany at AUDI AG, in the Meilenwerk facilities in Berlin.


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