Audi A1 e-tron wins Silvretta Electric Car Rally

Audi is this year’s altogether leader of a second Silvretta Electric Car Rally in Austria’s Montafon region. The 2011 feat of a A1 e-tron follows a R8 e-tron’s win final year. The second Audi in a rally, a Q5 HFC with a fuel dungeon finished in sixth place. A sum of 32 electric vehicles were evaluated.

After 3 days, 307 kilometers and a sum altitude disproportion of 11,541 meters, a A1 e-tron temperament a series 206 was named a leader of a second Silvretta Electric Car Rally Montafon. The eventuality took place from Jul 7-9 as partial of a 14th Silvretta Classic. The name Silvretta refers to a organisation of plateau in a eastern Alps of Austria. The Audi A1 e-tron won opposite 31 competitors in a rally, that was hold on rarely fatiguing towering roads with inclines adult to 15 percent, presenting a special plea to electric vehicles. The Audi Q5 HFC, that was also entered by Audi, achieved sixth place. This was a best final outcome of all cars with a fuel cell.

The A1 e-tron contains record that Audi’s growth engineers are regulating to investigate a mobility mandate for such a future-oriented concept. The technological basement includes an electric engine with a limit outlay of 75 kW that is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The battery facilities a 12 kWh ability and can be totally charged in 30 mins (quick charge), or in reduction than 3 hours (standard charge). It offers a operation of 50 kilometers. To forestall drivers from being stranded by an dull battery, a A1 e-tron also comes versed with a explosion engine, that can assign a battery as needed. The one-disc rotary engine (254 cc) is located underneath a case floor; it provides 15 kW of outlay dictated only to assign a battery, rather than to directly energy a wheels.

The A1 e-tron is designed with a internal emission-free electric expostulate system, that is ideally matched for pushing in a city.

During a convene a A1 e-tron was driven by Franciscus outpost Meel, Head of Electromobility Strategy during AUDI AG. Long-time Audi worker Gerhard Gruber took on a critical purpose of co-driver. “Sending an electric automobile into a Alps is one of a toughest hurdles we can benefaction it with. The fact that a A1 e-tron valid so considerable here is generally delightful to me and it proves we’re on a right lane with a electric mobility proceed of mixing an electric engine with a explosion engine . Many interjection to a dedicated group for creation a second altogether feat in a quarrel possible,” pronounced outpost Meel after channel a finish line.

Van Meel afterwards went on to report a convene itself: “On a initial day we gathering carefully and notwithstanding a stretch of only over 100 kilometers we finished with a lot of electricity left in a battery. On a second day we were improved prepared and we were means to win a day; on day 3 we came in second, and in a finish that was adequate to win a altogether victory. The automobile ran flawlessly. We’re now looking brazen to a 2012 rally. We already have a few ideas about a kind of concepts we’ll enter with, of course.”