Art around a square of art

Jeffrey Docherty seems roughly mislaid for words. It is a New Zealander’s initial revisit to Thailand, and he has only met someone he’s been following on Instagram for years – a tie done probable by a common passion for Porsche.

It’s his passion for Porsche and pattern – and a serendipity of amicable media – that sees a US-based Creative Director in Bangkok attending Das Treffen (‘the meeting’) for a initial time.

The annual entertainment for Porsche enthusiasts in Thailand, that is behind for a fourth year, is a brainchild of Sihabutr ‘Tenn’ Xoomsai. After being allocated Executive Editor of GT Porsche Thailand magazine, Tenn motionless that removing Thailand’s Porsche enthusiasts together would assistance encourage a community. 

Das Treffen sees some-more than 400 Porsche sports cars on display, and anyone who shows adult in a Porsche gets to park in a muster area. “If we expostulate a Porsche, we only come in, we are partial of a show, and we turn partial of a family,” says Tenn.

And Das Treffen is positively a family eventuality – there might be track-ready competition cars on display, though there are also family-friendly Cayenne SUVs, and even a pet dog holding in a stage from a window of a Cayman.

Korn Thongtour, an agreeable architect, has brought his mother and twin six-year-olds in his 1969 911E, one of a collection of outlandish vehicles that live a glass-walled garage in his Bangkok home. Despite a denunciation barrier, Korn and Jeffrey have common a bond over their adore for Porsche and pattern by amicable media for years, and now in chairman during last.

Architect Korn Thongtour with his family and their 1969 911E

Passion for Design

This passion was arguably unavoidable given Jeffrey’s upbringing. “I grew adult in a domicile where my father was a mechanic, and his father was a mechanic. It was unfailing that we would also get this adore for a automobile,” he says. “With my father holding me to racing events, classical automobile shows, and rallies, we common an seductiveness that would turn my love.”

“When we initial set eyes on a car, what interests me a many are a lines and a styling.”
Jeffrey Docherty

While it was a mechanics of a automobile that meddlesome his father, for Jeffrey it is different: “When we initial set eyes on a car, what interests me a many are a lines and a styling.”

After being brought adult in Twizel, New Zealand – a city so tiny “if we blink you’ll skip it” – and study in Christchurch, cars were always in Jeffrey’s blood. But after relocating to Melbourne, Australia, and subsequently New York, where he worked for the New York Times and several conform magazines, he found himself “at a time of my life where we was absent of owning or pushing a car.”

After usurpation a pursuit during Nike – where he now works as a Senior Creative Director – in Portland Oregon, and relocating into a residence with a garage, he set about redressing those mislaid years.

“I have a 1963 Karmann Ghia, and as we started going to early Volkswagen automobile shows we started to notice a early Porsche models – there’d always be a 914 or 356 display adult – and we found those were throwing my eye and starting to seductiveness me some-more and more.”

Connections Made

This led to a squeeze and replacement of a 911 SC, that led him into a Porsche village in Oregon. “You consider we are going in to get a engine rebuilt or something and it turns into a friendship,” he says.

In those 4 years of ownership, divided from work, Jeffery started sketching cars and formulating design formed on a story of Porsche, and pity this work online. Porsche Asia Pacific had been following his work, and invited him to emanate a graphics and design for this fourth book of Das Treffen.

“I was during a flattering advantageous conditions with a energy of a internet and amicable media joining communities globally, and in sold a Porsche community,” he says. “The cars are unequivocally vibrant, confidant pieces of art, since can’t we approximate them and element them with art?” 

“All a design is fundamentally putting a counterpart in front of all a cars that are already there and putting it by a somewhat opposite and some-more artistic lens. But a colours that we chose are all formed on iconic Porsche colours, and those loyal Porsche village folks and enthusiasts will know that too. It’ll feel credible, it’ll feel authentic, and it unequivocally delivers Porsche behind to a Porsche community.”

And a Porsche village seemed to path adult a art, queuing to take photographs with it in chairman and with their cars. 

Jeffrey Docherty with a Taycan Turbo


The essence of Porsche, strongly benefaction during Das Treffen, was serve electrified with a preview of another square of Porsche art in a form of a fully-electric Taycan Turbo sports car. This is a initial time a Taycan has been seen in Bangkok, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser for both revolutionary enthusiasts as good as a younger ones in attendance.

And between a passion of internal enthusiasts and visitors drifting in from a Middle East, Europe and Japan, it seems certain that Das Treffen is set to grow.

“What I’ll go behind and tell Porsche enthusiasts in a US is that Das Treffen is phenomenal, you’ve got to get down there,” says Jeffrey. “Honestly my phone is already buzzing uninterrupted since I’m posting pictures, and people are observant ‘where are you? That’s not a US.’ And when we contend Thailand that’s a final thing they can imagine. It is awesome.”