An talk with Jens Marquardt: “We done BMW Motorsport story this year.”

Munich. There is no longer any such thing as a winter mangle in
complicated engine racing – not if we have such an sparkling portfolio of
activity as BMW Motorsport. In a ABB FIA Formula E Championship,
BMW i Andretti Motorsport distinguished a stirring entrance with victory
in Ad Diriyah (KSA) in mid-December, while a initial highlights of
a BMW M Motorsport programme are already scheduled for a new
year. In this interview, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt
reviews 2018 and looks brazen to a new deteriorate to explain because BMW
i Motorsport and BMW M Motorsport are a ideal match.

Mr. Marquardt, an eventful year of motorsport with many
highlights for BMW is entrance to an end. Which were a most
noted moments for you?

Jens Marquardt: “There are copiousness to select from, as it
was an complete 2018 deteriorate for BMW Motorsport, with a comprehensive
programme from a unequivocally initial race. Of course, we quite like to
demeanour behind during a large wins – such as a one-two outcome for a BMW M6
GT3 during a Spa-Francorchamps 24-hour race, a initial delight for the
BMW M8 GTE in a US, winning a FIA GT World Cup in Macau or Timo
Glock’s DTM feat during Hockenheim after his epic duel with Gary
Paffett. António Félix da Costa’s win in a unequivocally initial Formula E race
stands out in particular. BMW is usually starting to competition with
fully-electric cars, and we won during a initial attempt. Thus, we made
BMW Motorsport story this year. Of course, a DTM guest appearance
by Alex Zanardi and a lapse to a 24 Hours of Le Mans were very
special too. In short, we gifted a horde of good moments in 2018,
for BMW i Motorsport and also for BMW M Motorsport.”

Your memories of a Formula E season-opener will be
generally vivid. What was your knowledge of this weekend?

Marquardt: “The initial rival coming with a new
competition automobile like a BMW iFE.18 is always quite exciting, even
some-more so when we cruise that a Formula E entrance was a historic
event. This is a initial deteriorate in electric engine racing. It also
outlines a lapse to single-seater racing after an deficiency of nearly
10 years. We already had a good feeling after a tests. We hoped
that a BMW i drivetrain would be rival right from a start
and a season-opener in Ad Diriyah showed usually that. António Félix da
Costa clinched stick position and afterwards feat in a unequivocally first
Formula E competition for BMW i Andretti Motorsport. That was a ideal way
to turn off a 2018 deteriorate and a ideal start to a Formula E project.”
What does this success meant to you?

Marquardt: “I am quite unapproachable of this – and of the
whole group behind it. we know usually how most passion and dedication
everybody concerned has put into this project. Compared to other
manufacturers, a Formula E impasse is organized differently at
BMW. The Formula E plan saw a closest partnership ever between
BMW developers from engine racing and from production. The ideas just
keep issuing in a ‘TechLab’. What creates it even some-more special is that
a same people who grown a e-components for a Racing eDrive01
drivetrain are also operative on a electric drives of a destiny for
a BMW Group. The outcome is an intensely efficient, high-performance
BMW i drivetrain, that – as we saw in a initial competition – is good enough
to win from a word go. On a track, we have also shown that BMW is
one of a world’s heading manufacturers in terms of electromobility.
This success gives a good boost to a array and engine racing
developers. Now we wish to continue in this vein.”
And that was not a usually premiere this year for BMW Motorsport…

Marquardt: “Correct. The BMW M8 GTE also finished its
initial competition in 2018. The coming during a 24 Hours of Le Mans, where
we were positively rival in terms of speed until around the
median point, was a comprehensive highlight. That was also a location
for a central display of a new BMW 8 Series Coupe. That
indication and a BMW M8 advantage from a on-track knowledge collected
during growth of a BMW M8 GTE, and during rival racing.
As a year progressed, we also available a initial wins for a top
indication in GT racing, in a IMSA series. In patron racing, a BMW M4
GT4 also distinguished a entrance with a patron teams and drivers. Its
lane record in a initial year was simply sensational. The new car
distinguished wins and titles all over a world. It unequivocally strike a mark.”
And in a DTM?

Marquardt: “There was a whole lot going on, both on and
off a track. The outcome is what matters: a destiny of a DTM is
secure. In 2019, a new two-litre turbo engine will assistance us to battle
it out with competitors aged and new and record formula that were
blank this year and meant that we weren’t means to unequivocally get
concerned in a conflict for a title. Now that we can concentrate
entirely on a sporting side of things, a array can usually get even
stronger. Now it’s usually about a racing.”
In your opinion, how do BMW i Motorsport and BMW M Motorsport
fit together?

Marquardt: “It is of elemental significance that a two
motorsport areas do not work only for their possess benefit. The
concentration contingency be on a value for a association as a whole. Technology is
a wilful motorist in both areas. The BMW M8 GTE is a colonize for
a prolongation counterpart, Formula E is a ‘TechLab’ for iNEXT and
destiny generations of cars from BMW i. Our concentration is always on the
tighten fondness between prolongation and engine racing, so that each race
kilometre and all a knowledge we advantage also advantage BMW customers.
In vital terms, we are unequivocally good set adult overall. BMW i Motorsport
and BMW M Motorsport are also a good visible match. The common design
facilities for all a cars safeguard that this will sojourn so, regardless
of either they use explosion or electric engines. These embody the
matt black cockpit elements that can be found on a BMW iFE.18 and on
a BMW M competition cars from a BMW M4 DTM to a BMW M4 GT4. we think
that these visible pattern elements are fantastic. They are mystic of
how a components of a dual worlds fit together.”
What will a new year move in motorsport terms?

Marquardt: “I wish that a new deteriorate will yield BMW
Motorsport fans with stirring races, wins and maybe even titles once
again. There will positively be no time for a mangle in 2019: there are
dual Formula E races and a 24-hour competition in Daytona with Alex Zanardi
in January, afterwards a entrance in a Intercontinental GT Challenge at
Bathurst during a start of February, with Walkenhorst Motorsport and BMW
Team Schnitzer. This quick gait will continue via a whole
year. We are unequivocally looking brazen to a new DTM with BMW Turbo
Power, a grand culmination of a ‘WEC Super Season’ with a BMW M8 GTE
during Le Mans and much, most more. BMW Motorsport has never been so
multifaceted or had so many points of hit to array development.
Whatever happens, it’s going to be an eventful year.”