An interview with Brooklyn Beckham: “When I saw the new BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car my eyes lit up“.

Munich. BMW i Motorsport welcomed a very special guest last
weekend at the Mexico City E-Prix (MEX). Famous influencer and
photographer Brooklyn Beckham had the exclusive opportunity of a
photo shoot with the BMW i8 Safety Car in its new design that was
presented to the world last Thursday. Beckham has a huge fan base on
Instagram with 12 million followers. He had already got familiar
with the BMW i8 Roadster (combined fuel consumption: 2.0 l/100 km;
combined power consumption: 14.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions:
46 g/km)*, when he drove it at the Coachella Festival 2019. Now he
has added the driving experience with the BMW i8 Safety Car. In an
interview he talks about his experience at the Mexico City E-Prix
and the challenges of photographing a car.


Mr. Beckham, how do you sum up your experience at Mexico City?

Brooklyn Beckham: “It was an amazing experience. Thank you to BMW i
Motorsport for the opportunity. On Thursday we had a great filming and
photo session at some really unique locations. It was fun working with
the BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car and I think we created some really cool
stuff. On Friday I even had the chance to drive the car on the
racetrack myself and as a passenger of Safety Car driver Bruno Correia.”


What is the challenge of photographing a car, compared to
taking pictures of other objects or people?

Beckham: “I find photographing a car more challenging as you can’t
catch a moment of someone’s personality. When I photograph people I
try to capture a specific emotion and with a car you have to create
the whole environment from scratch and need to consider quite a lot of
technical requirements like reflections, angles and colour grading,
for example. All this together makes the project very challenging and exciting.”


How does the new extraordinary design of the BMW i8 Roadster
Safety Car inspire you as a photo artist?

Beckham: “When I saw the new BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car my eyes lit
up because it was a completely new design that I have never seen
before and that always excites me. The car just looks stunning to me.”


At the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival you got behind
the wheel of the BMW i8 Roadster. Now you have driven the sister
Safety Car as well. Can you describe what you particularly like
about the car?

Beckham: “The BMW i8 Roadster was the perfect car for me to drive to
Coachella 2019; it’s small, quick, and most importantly
environmentally friendly. When I drove the safety car here at Mexico
City it was such an incredible experience for me. I really enjoyed
every minute of it.”


The Mexico City E-Prix was the first Formula E race where you
are live on site. Can you understand what so many people find
captivating about racing?

Beckham: “I’ve always been into racing cars ever since I can remember
so was really excited to attend the race with BMW. And I haven’t been
disappointed. It was a great experience and the atmosphere was so electric.”


Formula E is a fully-electric racing series. You like cool
cars. How cool is electric mobility for a 20-year-old like you?

Beckham: “Electric cars are so incredible to me. The whole technology
behind it is really impressive. Most importantly they’re eco friendly
and I personally find them more sleek and sexy.”