Amateur golf: inhabitant winners in Audi quattro Cup

The gift for a inhabitant culmination of a Audi quattro Cup began in early May. Some 13,000 pledge golfers opposite Germany participated in a 121 rejecting tournaments. Various Audi partners had extended a invitations. Each of a teams consisted of dual players. At a finish of August, a 240 winners of a preliminaries began to be pitted opposite any other during Arnold Palmer Platz in Berlin. Their subsequent foe will be for altogether feat in a Audi quattro Cup. The universe culmination will be hold during Quivira Golf Course in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from Sep 1 to 5.

With a some-more than 25-year story a Audi quattro Cup has determined itself as an general establishment in pledge golf. “Every time I’m tender again to see how many participants this array attracts and a unrestrained shown by a players,” says Johannes Polgar, Sports Marketing Sales Germany of AUDI AG. 

Off a greens and fairways, Audi, as a event’s host, offering a multi-faceted module during a German culmination of a Audi quattro Cup. Participants and guest saw golf demonstrations, gifted a preference of a stream indication range, configured their Audi of choice with a set of practical existence eyeglasses or competed opposite any other in a sailing regatta on a Scharmützelsee lake. In addition, a participants in a contest played to win a new Audi Q2 that was offering as a esteem for scoring a hole-in-one on Hole 11. The car, however, did not find a new owner, as nothing of a golfers achieved a pretentious strike.