“Always something special to honour a athletes”

How are we enjoying a “Ski festival with a heart” in Schladming?
Gian Franco Kasper: “It’s using unusually good so far. Obviously, there has been years of credentials and a FIS was also heavily involved. However, we contingency contend that given a continue has been on a side, things have been using flattering most as we expected.”

You benefaction a medals to a winning athletes any dusk – is this now a normal robe for we or still a special impulse on any arise for you?
“A certain component of it is familiar, though it is always something special to be means to honour a athletes and to share their joy.”

How critical is a partner like Audi for a Alpine World Ski Championships?
“I would contend that Audi and skiing now element any other unusually well, generally with a quattro system. we trust we are genuine partners and this from a belligerent up. For us, it’s critical to have a vast Germany association on house for a Alpine World Cup and during a Ski World Championships. Especially as a biggest marketplace is clearly Germany. With this in mind, Audi is a ideal representative.”

Schladming becomes a “Home of quattro” for dual weeks. Have we already had a event to attend in a Audi pushing experience?

“I haven’t had a go during it adult to now. I’ve driven an Audi for as prolonged as we can remember. we also have a certain volume of knowledge on towering passes during midnight with snowstorms and other things. To do such a pushing knowledge wouldn’t be a bad idea, though maybe it is not positively required for me.”

The athletes accommodate in North America in dual years following dual World Championships in adjacent neighborhoods. Could we gives us a brief thought of what fans and athletes can design in Vail/Beaver Creek?
“We’ve already had a Alpine World Championships twice in Vail. The open are apparently totally different, a opposite atmosphere and another mentality. What here is knee slapping will be whip enormous over there. However, a World Championships are some-more or reduction during a same turn everywhere these days.”

– End –